Dominican Republic is a beautiful tropical island with spectacular beaches, lush tropical forests, and majestic mountains but driving in the Dominican Republic can be quite a mission. Dominicans, in general, do not stick to the traffic laws. Add to this poorly maintained roads, no road signs, motorbikes galore, people going whichever way they want plus power outages around the country, hiring a car and a driver to make your stay more enjoyable is highly recommended. When you let JC Taxi do your driving you can enjoy all there is to see and do and not worry yourself with the roads or directions.

Our experienced and courteous drivers will deliver fast, secure and reliable high quality service. We deliver the type of service you expect and deserve. We have over 10 years of driving experience serving the tourists and locals alike. We are well respected transporters with knowledge of driving throughout the entire country.

Juan Carlos and JC Taxi specialize in comfort, courtesy and efficiency for all our passengers. Our prices are very competitive as well. This, along with our knowledge of the Dominican Republic makes us your obvious choice for whatever transportation and tourism needs you might have. We can be your private guide and tourist taxi driver when you visit Dominican Republic. logo
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JC Taxi Service Dominican Republic

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Service you expect and deserve
Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
        I am based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. However it is very common for my clients to ask for pickups in other cities and airports outside of Santo Domingo.

Are you a licensed driver?
        Yes, and I have 10 years experience specifically as a taxi driver and private chauffer

Do you have your own vehicle?
         Yes, I have a well kept vehicle with air conditioning, however, off and on, clients chose to rent their own cars which I then drive for them.

What are the rates?
        Rates are established two ways, per hour or per destination. Based on your needs we will establish before beginning the best option that suites your needs. My rates are very competitive and negotiable.

Do you permit dogs in your taxi?
     We welcome well behaved dogs.

Manejar en la República Dominica puede ser una experiencia difícil y a veces muy peligrosa pues gran parte de los conductors de vehículos no obedecen las leyes de tránsito; Además el poco mantenimiento de las carreteras combinado con los constantes apagones de electricidad através del país pueden ser del manejo algo estresante. El alquiler un vehículo y un chofer es lo más recomendable durante su visita al país, lo cual le permitirá tener una experiencia más confortable, segura, y agradable.

Juan Carlos es nativo de la República Dominicana con de más diez años de experiencia. Juan es un chofer muy respetuoso, cortés, eficiente, puntual, y con un excelente conocimiento del todo el territorio dominicano, además de ofrecer un servicio de transporte confiable, seguro, y comodo.

JC Taxi y el Sr. Juan le ofrecen el mejor servicio de traslado a instalaciones hoteleras, aeropuertos, y lugares portuarios o simplemente si usted lo desea podría tener su propio guía turístico. Cualquiera que sea su necesidad JC Taxi es su preferencia de transporte. Proveemos servicio de transporte a todos los puntos através de la República Dominicana.  

Por favor, llame o envíe un correo electrónico para obtener más información y precios.
JC Taxi & Transfer, a su servicio.

Juan Carlos Feliz  (1) 829-246-4471  (WHATSAPP)

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Visite nuestro sitio web para más información JCTAXI.NET
Caribbean Sea - Paraiso de Barahona
Playing in the river in Villa Miriam, San Rafael, Barahona
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Juan Carlos owner of JC Taxi
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We will navigate the streets of Santo Domingo all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride (Parque Mirador del Sur)
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Playing in the river in Villa Miriam, San Rafael, Barahona
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Caribbean Sea - Paraiso de Barahona
Interior of the large comfortable JC Taxi van
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Interior of the large comfortable van
Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Donde estoy basado?
        Estoy basado en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. Sin embargo, es muy comun que tenga que transportar/ recoger a mis clientes en otras cuidades fuera de Santo Domingo.

¿Soy un chofer licenciado? 
        Si, tengo mi liciencia de conducir, con seis años de experiencia especifamente como taxista y chofer privado.

¿Soy dueño de mi propio vehiculo?
        Si, tengo un vehiculo muy buena, cuidado y con aire aconidcionado, a veces mi clientes alquilan sus propios vehiculos, y los cuales quiren que yo le maneje como chofer.

¿Cuales son mis tarifas?
        Mis tarifas se establecen de tal maneras: por hora o per destinacion. Todo esta basado en la necesidad del cliente. Establecemos tarifas basada en estos terminos. Mi tarifas son competativas y negociables.

¿Permiten los perros en su taxi?
              Los perros bien adiestrados están bienvenidos

Jc Taxi Service car

Please call or send an email for more information and prices.
JC Taxi & Transfer, at your service.

Juan Carlos Feliz  (1) 829-246-4471  (WHATSAPP)

Email -

Check our web site for more information JCTAXI.NET
Parque Mirador del Sur, Santo Domingo
jc taxi samana
We can be at the airport waiting for you and take you and/ or your loved ones along with your luggage to your destination safely and securely.

Feel free to call on short notice if you want local taxi service going to or from any local Santo Domingo destination.

Some of our services include:
*Airport transfers to or from any Dominican Republic airport including: Las Americas
  International, Santo Domingo (SDQ), La  Romana International (LRM), Herrera Intl in Santo
  Domingo (HEX), Punta Cana International in Higuey (PUJ).
*Resort transfers
*Hotel transfers
*Home or Hotel pick-ups
*Private and personalized tours and sightseeing or an Island Excursion
*Tourist services - Visit those out of the way places in the comfort of an air-conditioned car. Let us do your driving so you can take in all there is to see and relax, stop where you want to stop, see what you want to see. Safe and secure.
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Waiting for clients at Samana. We are happy to take you on a special excursion.