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Reggaeton in Dominican Republic became very popular very fast. The genre is Puerto Rico based but really originated in Panama (El General was one of the originals). The beat is sort of a down, down, up close to the reggae beat. It is Latin rap with a dance hall beat.  Reggaeton is a mix of Hip-Hop and Reggae with a little Bachata, Merengue and other Latin rhythms thrown in to make a unique sound. The Boricuas have made this style of music their own. Still, out of Dominican Republic has come some of the most popular bands. 
This style of music is quite contagious. Most of the lyrics refer to women or somethings not very nice. They contain much slang and Spanglish (English and Spanish mixed). Even if, at first, you do not like this type of music you will catch yourself singing along with it even if you won't admit to it. Usually people either like this style or hate it, there is no in between. You may not want to admit to singing "Dame la  Gasolina" but you know that you have sung it to yourself after you heard the song in the streets.

Some Dominican Reggatones, Hip-Hoppers, and Rappers
Don Miguel  |  KALiMETE   |  OG Black one half of the duo Master Joe & OG Black is Dominican, and Gem Star and Big Mato.Grupo de Lo Correcto  |
Luny Tunes is one of Reggaetons best and most well known production teams today.
Francisco Saldana, known as Luny, was born in the Dominican Republic on June 23, 1979. His family moved  to Puerto Rico, then he moved to Massachusetts to finish his high school years.
Victor Cabrera, known as Tunes, was also born in the Dominican Republic on April 12, 1981.
Both worked as dishwashers at Harvard University.They returned to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico and finally made their dreams of making music come true.

In 2004 they won two of the internationally recognized "Billboard Latin Music Awards", one for Best Duo, and the other one for Best Tropical Album of the Year, Mas Flow. Luny Tunes were also the winners of the people's Choice Reggaeton Awards, for Best Producers of the Year, and platinum and gold awards.
They received the 2005 Latin Grammy award for the production of Daddy Yankees album Berrio Fino

To hear some of their music and read more about them check out their web site.

All things Reggaeton. Reggaeton on Line

Noztra is Martin Rivera.  He was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York. He is now 22 years old and with his talent and desire he has what it takes to make it big in the world of Reggaeton
To learn more of Noztra check out his web site.
Khriz y Angel are Angel Rivera Guzman and Christian Colon, both from Dominican Republic. Introduced in 2002 they became popular fast. With their CD release in 2004 they came into their own with  the song Ven Bailalo.

Mangú was  born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the States. When he returned to visit his family Dominicanos would make fun of him and call him el Americano. He was learning English to go with the Spanish he already knew. Bronx New York was was his new home. When his mom played Merengue and Salsa music he told her to turn it down because he thought it was for old people. He was drawn to writing rap routines and break dancing instead. His mom decided it was time to get him out of NY so they moved to Miami where he was surrounded by Latinos and their music. He began his career by dancing for local hip hop groups with which he toured and learned the ropes. His solo career was next. Mangú did his songs in Spanglish with a mix of flavours that got him noticed fast in the local scene. He recorded a song in bilingual rap and then did his own album, "Mangu" known by many as "Calle Luna Calle Sol". This gave him the chance to tour in the States, Latin America and Europe. He also received the RFI (Radio France International) discovery artist of the year award in 1999. He fell in love with that part of the world and moved to France.
Mangú has his new album, "Mi Familia". all ready released June 2007. It is less traditional and more electronic and still has Latin lingo and Spanglish fusion. He tours much in Europe .


Get this video and more at
Criollo Latin Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton all fused together to create some truly original music.These talented musicians all from Dominican Republic mix their culture, experiences and beliefs to communicate messages of joy and pain to the world through their music. The four very talented artists also producing and direct music videos, engineer their own songs in the studio and musically and artistically directing albums for other artists. The four members include : Salvador " Sol " Valdez-rap artist/producer/music video director; Jose " Chiro " Mata-rap artist/producer/writer; Alexis " El Gordo " Grullon-rap artist/musical producer artist and Gilbert " Giby "
To get more information about Criollo enter their My Space site also. Here we have a video of the band. Check it out! Thanks One Island Music Inc. for the information and video!
Papi Sanchez born Robert De León Sanchez September 1975 in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. Always hearing his mother playing the radio he was drawn to Hip-Hop music. When he was 14 he formed his own groups. Working in a radio station just made his wanting to play music get stronger. He became firmly established in the Dominican music scene by playing and working with outer known Dominican artists. Finally in 2003 he became Papi Sanchez. He had all original productions and songs. He took Tropical music to Europe. He has been nominated for the Casandra awards, Billboards Latin Awards, MTV Europe, plus others. See his video Enamorame  on You Tube.
Watch the video of Ven Bailalo here now (4 min 20 sec ).
Capellan singer/guitarist/composer. They have played the world over with many famous musicians. Criollo is preparing their music with special seasonings that can truly revolutionize Spanish Urban music across the globe
*dembow-rhythm used to describe reggaeton’s beat
*guerlas o gatas-girls
*guillao-proud or vain
*gata fina-a conservative lady
*rankearse-to reach a higher class
*perrear-term meaning the way reggaeton is danced
*corillo-crew, a group of friends that are always together
Some of the words that you might hear in Reggaeton songs that are not in your dictionary.

The Blaster Chickz, a female reggaeton trio, began their music career in December 2003. They're known for being the first female group of reggaeton that both sing and dance. Their performances are very original. The girls, first cousins, Kiki (19), Koka (20), and Jay (18), are Dominicans born and raised Freeport, Long Island. The name "Blaster" originated from a 4 wheeler (ATV) the girls ride when they visit their hometown of Jarabacoa in Dominican Republic.. The entire Blaster crew was started in the summer of 2002 and consists of about 40 girls, approximately one year before the three main ones started singing. Although reggaeton is very popular in many regions of the world, these girls bring something completely new to Reggaeton. They add different styles and flavors to their music and performances.
Their My Space site

Alex y Eury
Hip Hop / Rap / Reggaeton
Alejandro Perez Terrero, known as Alex-x, was born in Santo Domingo.
Euripides Chalas Santiago, known as Eury-Uzi,  is from the Province of San Pedro de Macoris
In 2005 Alex and Eury joined together to make their first production a duo of hip-hop and reggaeton called One Step Beyond.
More information coming soon....
alex y eury
Listen to Alex y Eury
"El Vinculo Peligroso"
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Picture/foto of Alex y Eury


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