Racing on Television and Radio Broadcasts
Lottery National and International Dominican Republic

LEIDSA (Loteria Electronica Internacional Dominicana, S.A / Dominican Republic International Lottery). One of the biggest winning games is called the Loto with the numbers being drawn 2 times a week. most of the other games are numbers drawn daily and can be seen on television.
Play often and good luck / Buenas suerte!

Loteria Nacional y Internacional/ The Dominican Republic National Lottery.

LEIDSA (Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana, S.A. (LEIDSA)/ Dominican International Electronic Lottery). They started operations November 1977. Some of the games offered now are Lotto, Palé, Lotería Nacional, Loto Pool, and many others. Their web site has all the updates and past numbers as well. ¡Buenas Suerte!

The National Lottery/ Lotería Nacional República Dominicana has the games Sorteo Diario and Soreto de Billetes. To check those numbers visit their page. The monies gained from this lottery helps many different social programs throughout Dominican Republic. You may see people walking the streets announcing they are selling lottery tickets or billetes. These are usually the Loteria Nacional.

Loteka Dominican Republic lottery has Mega Lotto, Mega Líneas, Mega Palé, and a Loteria Nacional. It can be played in many locations throughout the country including stores and Colmados.

Loto Real has the Super Loto, Loto Real, Quiniela Real, Super Palé Real, Pega 4 Real and more. 

Brahma Light Drift Track
Sponsored by Ambev Dominicana and in association with the Club Dominicano de Corredores de Drift (CDCD) and Then Proyects we have a new drift track here in Santo Domingo. Drift is a style of driving originating in Japan where the driver maintains a controlled skid while driving at high speeds. This form of competition is done worldwide and now has it's own home here in DR.  It is not a time competition but is mainly judged by style. This new track will hold many events such as concerts and other activities. 
Location: Avenida Luperón, where the aeropuerto de Herrera (Herrera Airport) used to be, Santo Domingo
We have many upscale and down home type Casinos for those who want to take a chance. Many places have the famous slot and poker machines. You can even find these machines in Colmados (corner stores) and they even pay  out monies. Bet on a sports game at one of the many Bancas. Go to see a horse or car race. Even bet on a cock fight or on a friendly game of dominoes. If you are in the mood to take a gamble. Winning, loosing or just having fun, Dominican Republic is the country for you.
Horse Racing

5th Centennial Racetrack / Hipódromo V Centenario (horses)
This race track has room for up to 15,000 fans. Here you can watch the thoroughbred horses make their way around the one mile (1.6 km) course and also have a breathtaking  view of the Caribbean.
Directions: Avenida Las Américas in Santo Domingo

www.Hipódromo V

picture/image of Autodromo race track
Car Racing

Autodromo Internacional de Las Americas
This 11 turn, 1.6 mile (2.664 km) permanent asphalt road course opened in 1998. Although this track is considered to be short it is a challenge. It is a very modern facility  within view of the Caribbean Sea. It can hold up to 15,000 spectators.
March 2005 Dominican Republic hosted the Miller Grand-Am Cup 200.

Races are held every Saturday at 5PM

Autodromo Internacional De Las Americas C Por A 
Contact: 809-616-1749 and 809-567-0259  Maxima Alvelo
Directions: Avenida Abraham Lincoln #1015, Piantini, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic The Primer Portal for Racing in Dominican Republic

Listen to racing with Hugo Veras en Vehiculos on radio station Neon 89.3FM every Monday thru Saturday at 12 noon.
Sundays from 10:30PM to 11:30PM on Digital 15 TV is information about racing in Dominican Republic.
Razine at MSN Groups has a complete listing of all the events and happenings at the Autodrome and about racing in Dominican Republic.
From Santiago the TV show ACELERANDO/Accelerating is on TeleUniverso canel 29 at 9PM every Sunday. To watch the program go to the web site.
Autodromo Race track in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
This is a video of  Santo Domingo Drift, Ceritos (Donut) Competition. It was held November 18 &19, 2006 in the Autódromo Las Américas with special participants from Japan, El Team Noise.
I have a video of the winner of this race on the Pastimes-Dominoes page. If you are wondering why a race video is on the Dominoes page you must go there and look. You may get a little chuckle out of it.
Here's something to Pop up on your wall!
Autodromo Mobil 1 Speedway
The race track, opened April 2008, has many car and motorcycle racing competitions. They also offer tests for drivers, police training, space for conferences, demonstrations and concerts.The new track has two circuits. The long circut is three thousand one hundred twenty-five meters with a straight half-mile, seven curves to the left and four right and a width of 10 meters. The short circuit is two thousand six hundred sixty-five meters, with a line five hundred and sixty-six and has as many curves and the same width as the long track.There are regular bleachers for the general public along with the VIP Skybox area.
Location: Av. Marginal las America Km. 13 1/2 Autopista Las America (close to the Las Americas Airport), Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic


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Dominican Republics Casinos

Casinos are the place to go for some gambling fun. We have over 25 casinos in the Santo Domingo area and many throughout the entire country. Many are open 24 hours for your gambling pleasure and some will make you think you are in Las Vegas. We offer all the typical Casino games including Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and of course the favorite slot machines. There are always lights blinking and flashing, drinks aplenty, music playing and people milling around. The more money you spend the more you will be offered food, drinks and cigarettes. Some games to avoid here are all the  Keno games and Progressive Roulette as they are usually not owned by the casino and if you do have a problem there is no one to complain to. If you use your head and do not use all your cash you can have a good time in our casinos.

Some of the better Casinos in Santo Domingo include:
Hotel Napolitano & Casino on Ave. George Washington
Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino on Ave. George Washington
Casino Diamante - Melia Hotel, Santo Domingo on Ave. George Washington
Hotel & Casino Naco

Banca and Banca Deportiva (Sports Betting)

One of the many favorite ways to gamble in Dominican Republic is to put your cash on any type of sport. Here one can bet on Local and Major League Baseball (MLB), the NBA games, the National Hockey League (NHL), Football (NFL), Soccer, Horse Racing and more. Just about anything that you can bet on you can find in one of the many Bancas in Dominican Republic. Remember, a Banca is for betting. A Banco is a Bank.
One of the biggest betting places here in DR is Merengue Sport

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