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Dining and Food | Food Words
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Dominican Food Words
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*Habas - White beans/ Fava beans

*Habichuelas - Beans with liquid and mild spice. A Dominican staple (get the recipe for Dominican Style Habichuelas - opens in new window)

*La Bandera Dominicana - or la Bandera - (The Dominican Flag) This is the typical Dominican lunch of beans, rice, meat, and salad. (get the recipe opens in new window)

*Lambi - Conch

*Langosta - Spiny lobster (note- It is illegal to buy, sell or have in ones possession from March to the end of June because this is the time when they lay their eggs)

*Leche - Milk. Leche de coco - coconut milk

*Lechón Asado - Roast suckling pig

*Habichuelas con Dulce - Kidney Beans and other ingredients made in a sweet sauce closely resembles a pudding. It is a traditional sweet served during Easter and Lent. (get the recipe for Habichuelas con Dulce - opens in new window)

+click on image to enlarge

habichuelas con dulce cooking on the stove
*Limoncillos - (also known as Genip, Genipa, Mamoncillo and Spanish lime) a fruit, looks like a lime but grows in bunches. Inside fruit is cantaloupe-colored and very sweet. The fruit is usually available in July and August.

(more about limoncillos)

*Lechoza - Papaya. This fruit can be very large or small depending on the variety. The soft fruit is great for heartburn. It can be eaten plain and also makes a great juice drink with milk or Carnation (batida)

(more about papaya-opens in new window)

lechoza - papaya
*Locrio - typical Dominican home-style rice dish typically made with sausage, squash, beans and other vegetables all served up together. A one dish meal. It is very versatile and can also be made with Shrimp, Chicken Pork and other meats.

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*Limon - Limonada - The lemon but the green variety. The limon is a mix between a lemon and lime...maybe close to a KeyLime. You will most likely get the green version when you ask for a lemon. Of course the lemon juice is mixed with sugar and water and is a refreshing drink.

+click on image to enlarge
limons- lemons and lemon juice/ limonada
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*Longanesa - A Dominican spicy sausage similar to chorizo. Longanesa can be used in a variety of Dominican dishes.

Fresh home-made longanesa
+click image to enlarge
Fresh home-made longanesa
*Helados - Ice Cream

*Hongos - (word for fungus) Mushrooms


buy dominican republic mamajuana
*Jaiba - Cangrejo - Crab. You can find these being sold on the streets and beaches. They are tied into a bundle. Very tasty.

*Jibia - Cachón. A giant squid

*Jonikaike also spelt Yaniqueque- Johnny Cake. Fried batter sometimes with different fillings but usually just plain fried bread.

*Jugo de avena - A drink make with oatmeal and milk sometimes with other flavors as well. (get the recipe-opens in new window)


*Kipes-quipes - A Middle Eastern - type food adapted to the Dominican style. Made of bulger (cracked wheat), ground beef and fried. Can be purchased on the street and in Colmados typically in the morning. Very filling and flavorful.

string of crabs - cangrejo
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