*Yunyun (frio frio) - Snow cone. Shaved ice with flavored liquid that is usually homemade local fruit flavors.

*Zanahorias - Carrots
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Dining and Food | Food Words
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Dominican Food Words
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*Taro - spinach

*Tayota (or) Cho-Cho - Little Squash

*Té de Jengibre - ginger tea, a Christmas drink (Christmas traditions - new window) (recipe for te de jengibre - new window)

*Tipili - Bulger salad, tabouleh

*Tocino - Bacon

*Tamarindo - Tamarind (more information about tamarindo -opens in new window)

tamarindo - tamarind
*Toronja (also known as grei-frú) - Grapefruit

+click image to enlarge. This picture is showing how many seeds I found in my grapefruit.

*Uva - grape


toronja - grapefruit
*Tortilla de Huevos - Dominican style Spanish omelet.

*Tostones - Twice-fried plantains  (tostones recipe-opens in new window)

*Vestida de Novia - Not sure if it's considered food but it refers to a beer, the ice covering the bottle that looks like a brides wedding gown.

*Víveres - vegetables, fruits

*Wiki - Whisky


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*Vegetales - Vegetables

*Verdura (also 'verdurita') - fresh coriander (also called 'cilantro')

*Vainitas - Green beans    . They are longer and skinnier than the green beans I was used to.

+click image to enlarge
vainitas - green beans
no one deals like we do!
*Yuca - (pronounced like Jew-ca) Cassave or cassava, a long tuber vegetable. Also known as yucca. .(more information about Yuca - new window)

+ click image to enlarge
*Zapote - Tangy yet sweet fruit. It has a dull brown skin with sticky orange flesh and lots of fiber. This fruit makes a wonderful juice drink.

+ click image to enlarge
zapote juice seed and fruit
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