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Cementerio Nacional Ave Independencia

Pictures of the National Cemetery/ Cementerio Nacional on Avenida Independencia in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic/ Republica Dominicana before it is restored. 8-2012
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-02
    The National Cemetery was declared a Patrimonio Cultural/ Cultural Patrimony historical site in 1987
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-03
    The National Cemetery of Santo Domingo where many famous Dominicans have been interred in the past.
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-04
    Most of the graves are unmarked
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-05
    The cemetery with an area of ​​16,000 square meters and a 1.433 graves
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-06
    Cementerio Nacional on Avenida Independencia in Santo Domingo is in very bad disrepair.
  • cementerio-nacional-avenida-independencia-8-9-2012-07
    Inaugurated in 1824