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A visit to the north coast town, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.
  • Teli-Juan-Carlos-Janette-to-Las-Terrenas-01-10-19-2015
    My 56th Birthday. I took a vacation with the dogs Inteliperra and Buenagente to Las Terrenas. Juan Carlos drove us there.
  • teli-buena-ready-for-road-trip-01-10-19-2015
    Getting ready for the road trip with Juan Carlos of JC TAXI
  • Teli-Buena-to-Las-Terrenas-03-10-19-2015
  • Teli-Buena-to-Las-Terrenas-01-10-19-2015
  • Autopistas-del-Nordeste-house-rest-stop-01-10-19-2015
    A rest stop along the highway. I love this house.
  • Autopistas-del-Nordeste-01-10-19-2015
    Rice fields along the Autopistas del Nordeste