Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta is a designer extraordinaire. He has a complete line of clothing, accessories, and scents for Men, Women and Children.  Santo Domingo is his home town in Dominican Republic, where he was born on July 22, 1932. De la Renta attended the National School of Art in Santo Domingo. He left the country when he was 18 to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.  He became interested in clothing design while in Spain, started sketching and soon became an apprentice to  Cristóbal Balenciaga.  Later Oscar de la Renta left Spain to become a couture assistant at the house of Lanvin in Paris. He arrived in New York in 1963 to design the couture collection for Elizabeth Arden. Then in  1965, Mr. de la Renta went out on his own and started his own signature ready-to-wear label.

Mr de la Renta helped build a school and day care center for children in the Dominican Republic. He has a summer house in Punta Cana.

To read more of him and see his designs check out Oscar de la Rentas web site.

Read about the history of Oscar de la Renta
Sully Bonnelly was born in the Dominican Republic. He started learning about fashion at a young age from his observations of the women in his family. He started by studying architecture and finished his studying by studying fashion at Parson’s in New York City.

He launched his own collection in 1998 and in 2000 was elected as a member of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), one of the leading fashion associations in the world.

To read more and see some of Sully Bonnelly's designs.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Ms. Libman’s reputation has grown to be included as one of the fashion industry’s most talented designers. She is a favorite designer of the First Lady of the Dominican Republic and has designed gowns for several Miss Universe contestants.

Pictures of Lourdes Libmans Spring 2006 Couture Collection. and her 2007 Spring Collection. Quite impressive

Dominican Republic has some exquisite clothing designers. Many of them are known the world over. Just because the island of  Hispaniola is small does not mean that we are small on talent. Viva República Dominicana!
Elisa  Morató  was born December 1st in Santo Domingo where she studied Interior Designs, Fashion Illustration and Art. She started designing for television personalities which got her much attention and her line of clothing blossomed. The designs of Elisa are very feminine and romantic yet vanguard, traditional and yet modern. She designs clothing for her clients that enhance the figure and make it look the best possible. Elisa designs her clothing with an elligance and her own personal touches that keeps her client base, which includes much of the Dominican high society, growing since her start 20 years ago.
Contact: 809-565-3973 and 809-541-8682  Elisa Morato Web Site
Store Location: Max Henríquez Ureña #66, Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Different designers and their contact and store information

Lissa Díaz
Lissa Díaz Colecciones
Contact: 809-519-8980

Iris Guaba
Iris Guaba Total Look
Contact: 809-548-6267
Location: Gustavo Mejía Ricart #252, El Millón, República Dominicana

Esteban  Martínez
Esteban Martínez EM Fashions
Contact: 809-566-9382
Location: Prolongación México #85, El Vergel, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Ralph Mehecedith
Maquillaje Internacional
Contact: 809-777-4185

Hipólito Peña
Epoca Pret-a-Porter
Contact: 809-562-5969
Location: Av. Tiradentes #10, Centro Comercial Dalyn, Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Alessandro Plebani
Contact: 809-412-2438/412-2414
Location: Alessandro  Parrucchieri Calle Polibio Díaz #8, Ensanche Evaristo Morales, República Dominicana

Jenny  Polanco
Jenny Polanco S.A.
Contact: 809-683-2930
Ludovino Fernández #9, Urbanización Fernández,
Stores located in: Diamond Mall, Bella Vista Mall, Marina Chavón and Colonial Zone (Calle Padre Billini), Dominican Republic

Isabel Reynoso
Casa de Modas Isabel Reynoso
Contact: 809-540-2133
Location: Calle Roberto Pastoriza #3, Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Magaly  Tiburcio
Atelier Magaly Tiburcio
Contact: 809-547-2681
Location: Av. Winston Churchill, Plaza Robledo Suite #10, Ens. Evaristo Morales, Dominican Republic

Leonel Lirio  another of our wonderful Dominican designers.
2002 Miss Universe pageant- Lirio won second place for typical attire when he designed Ruth Ocumarez (a runner up in that pageant)costume.
2003 Miss Universe Pagent-First international attention as a designer with Amelia Vega's first prize win with national dress. He also designed her dress when she was Universe 2003.
2004 Cynthia Olavarria, representative Puerto Rico  won the best dress, fantasy and best designer awards
2009 Ada Aimée de la Cruz González, the 1st Runner Up for Miss Universe, won the gown competition with 9.428 points wearing Leonel Lirios' design.

Jorge Diep   designed clothes for Casandra Awards 2006 for: Milagros Germán, Luz García, Georgina Duluc, Sharmín Díaz, Melissa Vargas, Isaura Tavárez, Pamela Sued, Sara Pepén, Sheila Acevedo y Lady Luna.

Jorge Diep  Spring 2010 Couture Collection
mia taveras wearing leonel lino design at casandra awards 2006
Mía Taveras wearing Leonel Lirio design at the Casandra Awards in Dominican Republic 2006
(Picture,US Latino and Joel Santos)
milagros german wearing a jorge diep design at casandra awards 2006
Milagros Germán wearing Jorge Diep at the Casandra Awards 2006
(Picture,US Latino and Joel Santos)
jatnna tavarez wearing leonel lino design
2006-Casandra Awards 2006 these are the people that wore his designs: Venya Carolina, Jatnna Tavárez, Larimar Fiallo, Claudia Cruz, María EugeniaVargas, Fefita La Grande, Zoé Saldaña, Pashy, Jary Ramírez, Yadira Morel, Nurín Sanlley, Vickiana, Adalgisa Pantaleón, Maridalia Hernández, Monchy y Alexandra, Grissel Corporán, Pavel Nuñez, Zoila Puello y El Prodigio

Leonel Lirio Spectacular (his store)
Contact: 809-732-5764
Abraham Lincoln and Lope de Vega, Plaza Castilla, Santo Domingo
Jatnna Tavaréz wearing Leonel Lino at the Casandra Awards 2006
George Diep Diseños
Pseo de L Locutores #2, Santo Domingo
Contact: 809-616-1653
To purchase some George Diep designs..

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