Out of Dominican Republic has come some very fine performers. Be it the exquisite and fine dancers of all styles of dance.  The actors and actresses who we watch on TV or the big screen. Or the Comedian that makes us laugh. 
Pozo y Cespedes
Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes
Video of the comedy song "Nueva York Santo Domingo" 2:44 minutes with Raymond Pozo & Miguel Cespedes
Thanks USLatino for the pictures
These comedic actors work so well as a team they're names belong together. They make people laugh with their television shows, movies and songs that bring Dominican humor to its fullest and most funniest. They both have such energy and creativness when they perform. Their characters are way out there yet believable, to an extent. Even if you do not understand spanish much their facial expressions and sometimes slapstick comedy makes one laugh.

Raymond Pozo & Miguel Cespedes
Los artistas del humor
Miguel Céspedes played Quepis and Raymond Pozo played Francisco in the Comedic movie Perico Ripiao

In the movie La Maldición del padre Cardona Pozo played Cachica

When they performed in Europe it was to a full house of more than 1500 people.

They were chosen to MC the Dominican parade in Patterson NJ, USA

Both were in the movie Lotoman

El Cabo y Su Cartel airs Saturdays for 1 hour on chanel 11. This show led by Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes. This is a musical and comedy program. One of their main acts in based on  the things that happened with police. They also have national and international comedic artists along with musical acts to make their show one of the most watched on Dominican TV.  The other comedians that complete the show include Saúl Rodríguez (Maceta) who plays the role of the colonel; Benny and Santa, two girls who have always worked with them, and Daniel Well, the brother of Raymond..

Raymond and Miguel the humorist program airs Sundays at 11:00 p.m.,on Telesistema. This show has the skillful interpretation of the humorists Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes along with a group of people who complement the program. Their scetches are about different people and personalities.

Telesistema Un Canal de Emociones

Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes in character 10/05
Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes in character 10/05
He was born and raised in a small village near San Miguel, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Nelson was known as he worlds smallest actor certified by the Guiness Record Book in 1990 as the smallest man on the earth,  measuring in at   2' 4 1/4" (0.72 m).  When he was first examined in 1987, he weighed 15 lbs, his chest was 17½", and his waist 16".

As of September 2006 he was working in a circus in Santiago, Chile. He returned to New York to visit with his family and fell ill. He died shortly after on October 25, 2006 in Providence Rhode Island. He was 38 years old and has 1 son (normal height) and a wife. He is to be flown to Dominican Republic after the memorial service to be embalmed and placed on display in a Dominican museum (is this too sick?)

Nelson de la Rosa, also known as Mahow Mahow  (June,1968 - October 22, 2006)
Mahow appeared in films and made many appearances the world over.
1996 - He played Majai in the movie The Island of Dr. Moreau (he weighed 22 lbs at the time of this film)

1988 - He was in the movie Fuoco incrociato/ Cross Mission

1988 - He was in the movie Quella villa in fondo al parco also known as Ratman

more information on his movies http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0209394/

He was also considered a good luck charm for the Boston Red Sox during their 2004 World Series games. He was a big fan of the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez's lucky charm.

Learn more and see pictures of Manow at Manow.com known as small in stature and large in spirit.  written 7/2006

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La Guagua: Comedy Collective.  Stand Up Comedy.

The Guagua (a bus or van used for transportation here in Dominican Republic) is a group of young people coming together with one goal .... to make people laugh.

La Guagua is: Aleja Johnson, C. Cordero, Edward Diaz, Fernando Pucheu, Gustavo Garcia, Thomas Echavarria and Wilson Cabral. Each comedian brings their unique style to the group to make everyone laugh. Making jokes and fun of the life and the unique things  that happen in their country The Dominican Republic.

They play many of the local venues including Hard Rock Cafe, Teatro Guloya.
Contact:  829-639-4959 and 809-224-7902
Email: laguaguadecomedia@gmail.com

This video has some great samples of El Guaguas comedy including an interview.