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Cesar Fernandez - Nature and Wildlife Fine Art Photography
Cesar Fernandez is originally from Dominican Republic but now lives in USA.
Cesar Fernandez/self portrate
He travels the world taking some of the finest photographs I have ever seen.

His pictures are quite simple according to Cesar. He likes to show his subjects as close to reality as possible. His photography makes one feel like they are right there, seeing what Cesar is seeing, feeling what he is feeling. It's amazing that one can bring such life to an image like he does. He does not use special lights, flash or filters for his images. All are as one would see them with their own eyes, what you see is what he saw.
picture/image Cesar Fernandez ©
Mr. Fernandez says  "NATURE is already magnificently beautiful as it is and there is no need for anything additional".  He sees his works as more of a documentary than artistic. I love when he says " I do not create art, rather I seek and try to capture the light, ....that special moment in time". When you see his photographs you will agree with his thoughts and feelings as he draws you right into the picture, seeing what he sees.
Cesar Fernandez\house on the beach
Prime Realistate ©Cesar Fernandez
To see more of what Cesar Fernandez sees at his web site or at
Here is a little note we received from Mr. Fernandez." I am having the first exhibit of my photography work in Dominican Republic on Sept. 2 of this year (2007). More  than 140 photographs will be exhibited around the fence of Parque Independencia in Santo Domingo. This exhibit would include pictures, mostly from Nature and Wildlife, and it would have several landscapes  from Dominican Republic as well. These will be large format  photographs of 40X60" in size and we hope that many Dominicans would  get to see it. We are planning to bring the exhibit to other cities  as well like Santiago, Puerto Plata, etc."

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