Julia Alvarez is a poet, essayist and fiction writer. She is the author of "How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents," which won a PEN Oakland award,  "In the Time of the Butterflies," a National Book Critics' Award finalist, a book of essays, "Something To Declare" ,a children's book, "The Secret Footprints," among others.

Julia was born in New York, USA on.March 27, 1950. When Alvarez was ten years old, her father became involved with a plot to overthrow the dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. His plans were discovered by the Secret Police and the family had to flee the country. With the help of an American agent, he was able to get his family out of the country before being arrested or killed. The Alvarez family returned to New York. Here she studied to be a writer and became one of the most loved writers of Dominican Republic.

Julia Alvarez was awarded the National Medal of Arts, presented by the United States President Barack Obama on Monday, 28 July 2014. This is the highest award given to artists and arts patrons by the US government. Julia Alvarez was honored for her "extraordinary storytelling". Congratulations to you Julia!

This is a short article written by Julia Alvarez "How the Alvarez Girl Found Her Magic".

Manuel del Cabral born in Santiago de los Ca-balleros March 7, 1907.His father wanted him to be a lawyer but he was drawn to books and writing at a young age. He worked in a book store and in 1931, after his first poem was publish he moved to Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic. When he was around 30 he traveled to New York on a cargo ship and got a job as a window washer. He got a job at the Dominican Embassy where he learned much. Cabral has written books and poems about many diverse subjects. He is one of the most beloved poets in the country. He won the Premio Nacional de Literatura/National Prize of Literature in 1992. He died in Santo Domingo May 14, 1999
This is one of my favorite poems by Manuel del Cabral

Mira que soy hombre, pero ..,
con estas manos vacías
cómo me parezco a ti.

Perro que vas con tu amo,
fíjate bien:
que al hablar contigo, hablo
conmigo mismo... ¿No ves
que tan cerca del patrón,
no somos tres,
sino dos...?

Hombre que vas con tu perro:
tu servidor.

¡Qué grueso que está tu perro,
y qué flaco que estoy yo!
¡Estoy flaco porque tengo
gorda la voz!
Hombre y Perro
Hombre que vas con tu perro:
con tu guardián.

Cuida mi voz, como el perro
cuida tu pan.

Perro que vas con un hombre
que amigo tuyo no es...
Acércate un poco al pobre,
huélelo bien.

Fíjate que tengo boca,
fíjate en mí

There is a short list of her books in the book section of this web site

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Rafael Filion
Rafael is a Former NAFL Kansas Kaos football player who loves art. Originally from New York, with Latin roots. His father is from Santiago and his Mom is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where his entire family still lives. Rafael lived in Santo Domingo from the age of 9 to 11 and went to school at Colegio San Francisco De Asis in Santo Domingo. His love of art came from his mother. She would paint murals on the bedroom walls when he was a kid and that made him want to paint. Now, with kids of his own, he wants to inspire them with the arts by painting on their walls and also in his book. He has many diverse artistic talents including illustration, acrylic painting, photography and 12-inch vinyl art. Rafael currently resides with his wife and two sons in Kansas City, Missouri.

The book Herman the Jester and the ABC's of Art is a children’s book that is both fun and educational. Every letter of the alphabet has a special drawing depicting the correct sign language gesture with the vocabulary word defined and presented in English, Spanish, French and German. It takes you through the alphabet while teaching about art terms, tools and techniques.
Books by Manuel del Cabral on amazon.com
The book was nominated 5 times at the 11th annual International Latino Book Awards held in NYC on 5/28/09. The book received an Honorable Mention for Best Arts book Spanish or Bilingual and Honorable Mention for the Mariposa Award - Best First Book - Spanish or Bilingual.

"I took my mom to the Latin Book Awards with me and She is very proud of the fact that I won a couple of awards representing my family but also our beloved Quisqueya!" says Filion

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