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Paraíso - A small village that is just what its name says, Paradise. There are 2 rivers Nizaito y Sito which, depending on the season, the waters change colors.  In May the sky seems to change colors as the butterflies arrive brightly colored wings crossing the plain.
Villa Morinda - 809-282-9833
Enriquillo - A typical small town with about 21million inhabitants. The sea is in the front and the rich green jungle is behind the town. There are a few small beaches in the area that are very tranquil. There is a nice little watering hole along the main highway where there is a man made pool to collect the river water. It is very clean and refreshing.
Hotel Juan José 809-524-8323
Festivals: Patron Saint Ana celebrated from the 18 to 26 of July

Polo Magnético/ Magnetic Pole - Where the secondary road forks between the town of Barahona and the community of Cabral. Park your motor vehicle in neutral gear on the lower part of the hill and it ignores the force of gravity and moves upwards by itself. More information about the Polo Magnetico (opens in a new window)

Aguas Termales en Canoa/ The thermal waters at Canoa - Usually visited by French and Japanese tourists for some years now everyone now is discovering this unique spot. The strong scented sulfur waters are bluish in color and can reach up to 42° Celsius. People who enjoy the curing and relaxing properties of these waters visit it.
Barahona is a province located in the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic. The capital is Santa Cruz de Barahona. The people are friendly and down to earth and the scenery is spectacular. This area has not been touch with the tourism frenzy. It is a paradise only seen by few tourists and well worth the visit. 

San Rafael Bay Baharona
San Rafael swimming area
Here there are dry deserts and lush forests. There are fresh, clear mountain streams and wild and beautiful beaches. The land can be flat and dry and also mountainous and green. The coastal highway 44 (also called Enriquillo) has a spectacular view and leads to the beaches past the town of Barahona.

Most of the beaches in this area do not have sandy beaches. They consist of small pebbles, which are unique to the area. It is spectacular to see the beautiful turquoise blue waters in contrast with the green lush colors of the mountains. It is also interesting to note the small piles of white beach rocks people collect to sell to the landscapers.

Getting around:
Caribe Tours bus - It takes about 3 ½ hours by to get there from Santo Domingo.
Barahona Airport if you would like to fly into the area
Guaguas - These are the large vans-small busses that run along the highway. They pass by about every 20 minutes and make stops along the way as you wish. They can seem confusing at first especially if you do not speak Spanish. Just write down the name of the place you want to go and have them take you there. Get the hotel your staying in to write the questions for you, as most of the larger hotels employees will speak enough to help you out. Ask when they will return past again so you can get back to the town (have then write it down).
Motoconchos - (around town about 25 pesos) The motorcycles you see everywhere on the streets. Just look a bit dumbfounded and usually one will stop to see if you want a ride. These are fun to get around as you can really see lots of the area and stop as you desire. A very reliable and honest motor driver is Ruddi (809-353-3901). He loves showing people around. His English is very poor but he can understand more than he can speak.
Taxis - They are always around the streets.
Your own feet - Get out and walk around. Stop and talk to people even if you cannot speak the language. This is the best way to really know the area, the culture and the wonderful people of the country.

Playa San Rafael / San Rafael Beach- The bay as you drive along the highway is a spectacular sight. When you drive down to the beach area where the river enters the sea there are both natural and artificial swimming holes. Locals enjoy this area and also there are small stands that sell cold drinks and fresh fish.
Los Patos (The Ducks)- The town is small and the friendly towns people all know each other. Here there is a pretty white-stone beach with rugged waves that is great for small shell collecting. The best place to hang is where the river meets the sea is a shallow swimming hole where the locals like to refresh themselves and even take a cool bath. I found it interesting to watch the little fish enjoying the fresh water swimming along with the locals. There are many little restaurants to sit and enjoy a drink and some fresh fish including Dorado, Colorado, and local catches.

Hotelito Oasi Italiana - 829-926-9796

Playa Los Patos Barahona
Los Patos river Barahona
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San Rafael bay and beach area.
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San Rafael swimming hole.
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Los Patos swimming hole
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Los Patos, Barahona beach.
El Quemaito Beach and Town (quemar means "to burn")- A small town off the beaten path with a large and popular pebble, sand and gravel warm water beach and refreshing river on the other side of the highway. If you look close enough you can pick up small water worn pieces of larimar on the beach. It is 10 kilometers from the city of Barahona along the Barahona-Paraiso highway. There are a few stands where one can buy a cold drink and some food. The small town has a few little shops, typical Dominican restaurants and even boasts a small pool hall.

Hotels: Hotel el Quemaito 809-649-7631
Playa Quemaito Baharona
River at Quemaito Barahona
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River for swimming inQuemaito
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Playa Quemaito stone beach
Barahona - Barahona is the biggest city in the southwest, a larger small town with all the normal things found in any Dominican Town of its size. There are banks and restaurants both small and large. It is a very active and friendly town centrally located near to much of the eco tourism areas of the southwest. There is a mix of both typical wooden houses with tin roofs and modern homes as well. The main streets are very bustling while the side roads can be quite calm.

Barahona has a large port dominated by the large sugar mill. Here the sugar and molasses is loaded on ships for their journey to other parts. There is also the sugar train that runs with its load of sugar cane collected from the farms along its route. You can see one of the old steam locomotives not far from the mill area.

Stuff to do:
The Barahona Market - Here is a shopping conglomerate where one can find just about anything at very reasonable prices. It takes up a block or more of the street and a few alleyways also.
The Malecon - The usual seaside road where there are all types of restaurants and nightspots. There is usually music blaring from all these spots and people enjoying a drink, talking, eating or some dancing.
The Central Park - Lots of small bars, restaurants and places to eat outside. A good time in the evenings.
Virgen del Rosairo - October 7
Loro Tuerto (translated One-eyed Parrot)
This small hotel is big on service and friendliness. The rooms are simple, comfortable and clean. They have cable tv, air conditioning, 24 hour electric and hot water. It is located in the southwest town of Baharona on the main street. It is about 1 and 1/2 blocks from the bus station and within walking distance to the park. There is a nice patio where you can sit and unwind from an active day in town or at the beautiful local beaches. The staff is very friendly and helpful and speak English, French and Spanish.
The casual dining cafe on site serves a nice little variety of dishes and is decorated with lots of interesting items.
Rooms start at $1300 pesos per day. No credit cards accepted. WiFi hot spot.
Location: Luise E. Delmonte #33, Barahona, Dominican Republic
Contact: 809-524-6600
More information, prices and on line reservations:

Hotel Caribe - 809-524-4111
Guarocya Hotel and Casino - 809-524-4121

Hotels a little way out of the city:
Aparta Hotel Pontevedra, El Arroyo - 809-341-8462
Coralsol Resort - 809-850-7525
Hotel Casablanca - 809-471-1230
Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge - 809-476-5059
Hotel Restaurant Playa Azul - 809-424-5375

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Sideshows of the Barahona area:
pictures around the Barahona area.
pictures around the Baoruco area.
pictures around the Los Patos area.
pictures around the San Rafael area.
statue in parque ciencia
old steam engine sugar train
beach area in Barahona
ship in the bay at Barahona
parque in Barahona malecon view
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statue in Parque Ciencia, Barahona
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Bay and Port in Barahona
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View of the Malecon in Barahona
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Old steam engine train
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Barahonas Postal code : 81000

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