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Dominican Republic Baseball page 2

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*All-Star - Juego de Estrellas
*American League - Liga Americana
*artificial turf or astroturf - grama artificial
*at-bat - turno al bate     to be up at bat-estar de turno
*back stop - baquetó
*batting average - promedio de bateo, porcentaje de bateo
*ball/baseball - bola, pelota, pildora
*ballplayer - beisbolero, jugador; pelotero
*base hit - jit, palo, imparable, inatrapable, incogible
*base stealer - robador
*baseball cap - gorra
*baseball game - juego de béisbol, partido de béisbol
*baseball player - beisbolero, jugador de béisbol, pelotero
*baseball team - equipo de béisbol
*bat - bate, palo, madero, tolete
*bat boy - mascota
*batter/hitter - bateador
*batting average - porcentaje de bateo, promedio de bateo
*batting cage - campo de bateo
*batting order - alineación, orden del bateo
*bench - banco, banquillo
*bleachers - blichers
*bunt - plancha, planchita, toque     to bunt-tocar la pelota;
*catch - capturar, aguantar, atrapar, quechear
*catcher - cácher,quécher, receptor, jugador de la máscara
*center field - centrofield, jardín central
*center fielder - jardinero central; guardabosque central; centro-ampista
*curveball - curva; serpentina
*dead ball - de bol
*defeat - derrota; pérdida, revés    to defeat-derrotar, vencer
*diamond - diamante
*double play - doble pléy,  doble jugada
*dugout - dogao
*error - error
*fan /spectator - fan; fanático, aficionado, espectador
*fastball - bola rápida, recta
*fielder - fildeador, jugador defensivo
*final score - resultado final
*first base - la inicial, primera base
*first baseman - inicialista, defensor de primer saco
*fly ball - flái, flay, batazo de aire, bombo, globo, globito
*foul ball - fao, bola fául, bola en territorio malo
*go - irse
A little bit of Dominican Baseball Trivia (incase you are into that type of stuff).

*In the past it was thought that the town of San Pedro de Macoris produced most of the Dominican Major League baseball players (ie, Sammy Sosa, Tony Fernandez). Now this as changed because of the baseball academies that are found all around the country. As of 2006 the entire country of Dominican Republic can claim many towns as producing some of the baseball greats. The towns with the numbers of players are as follows: Santo Domingo - 94. San Pedro de Macoris - 69. San Cristobal/San Francisco de Macoris - 8, Puerto Plata - 8, Maria Trinidad Sanchez/Nagua - 8, Sanchez Ramirez/Cotui - 8, La Romana - 8, La Vega - 7, Azua - 5, Barahona - 5, El Seibo - 5, Monsenor Nouel/Bonao - 4, Espaillat - 3, Dajabon - 2, Elias Pina - 2, Hato Mayor - 2, and Salcedo - 1. (Diario Libre)

*grand slam - grand slam, jonrón con las bases llenas
*ground ball - arrastrada, rola, rolata
*home plate - jom, plato
*home run - cuadrangular, jonrón
*infielder - jugador del cuadro
*inning - capítulo, epsiodio, inin
*knuckleball - bola de nudillos
*left fielder - jardinero izquierdo
*left field - jardín izquierdo, bosque izquierdo
*locker room - cuarto de vestirse
*lose - perder
*misplay - pifiar
*mitt - trocha
*mound - montículo
*out - áo; áut, out
*outfielder - guardabosque, jardinero, fil
*outfield - bosque, cuadro exterior, jardín
*pitch - disparo, envio
*pitcher - lanzador, monticular, pícher, serpentinero
*pitcher's mound - montículo
*play - pleres
*play ball! - ¡Ple Bol!
*pop fly - bola elevada, bombo
*rain delay - postergación por lluvia
*replay - repetir
*right field - jardín derecho, bosque derecho
*right fielder - jardinero derecho, guardabosque derecho
*rolling - rolin
*run - anotación, carrera, rayita
*run-batted in - carrera impulsada, carrera remolcada, empujada
*safe - cierto, quieto, sei; seif
*score -r esultado, tanteo (to score - anotar; cruzar el plato)
*scoreboard - pizarra de anotaciones, marcador, pizarrón, tanteador
*season tickets - abonos de temporada
*second base - la intermedia, segunda base
*second baseman - intermedista, camarero, defensor del segundo saco
*slide - arrastrarse, barrerse, deslizarse, tirarse
*slump - eslom
*southpaw/lefty - zurdo, brazo corvo, brazo siniestro, brazo equivocado
*spikes - ganchos
*spitball - bola ensalivada
*steal - base robada;
*strike - estraíc, estray
*strikeout - ponche
*third baseman - antesalista, defensor del  tercer saco
*throw - disparo, lanzamiento, tiro
*triple play - tripleplei, triple jugada, triple matanza
*umpire - árbitro, juez de campo

Some Baseball translations from English to Spanish - Learn a little bit of Spanish so you can fit in when you go to your next game in Dominican Republic (of if you sit next to some Dominicanos at a game in USA). You can impress them a little with your knowledge. It is funny to note that many of the words are the same in English and just pronounced with a Spanish accent. Lets Ple Bol!
For a complete listing of Spanish to English and English to Spanish baseball terms in PDF form.
To learn how to use more Dominicanismos check out the language section
This is a video taken from Television of the Himno Nacional being sung at the beginning of the second game of the final series between  AGUILAS  and LICEY. It shows many of the players while you can listen to the National Anthem of Dominican Republic (2007)


Sami Sosa Ball Park in the town of Enciendo Consuelo
+click to enlarge - Sami Sosa Ball Park in the town of Enciendo Consuelo
*Latino players make up 23% of Major League rosters (2012). Puerto Ricans are not included in the Latin count as they are USA citizens.

*Did you know that X President and Dictator of Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, was a baseball fan? Heres a little tib-bit on what he did to promote baseball (and himself).

*Have you ever heard about the VooDoo curse ace pitcher Pedro Borbon put on the Cincinnati Red's? Check it out in the superstitions page

*Dominican Republic has won the most Caribbean Series championships than any other country in the 50 year history of the series.Dominican Republic 19 times, Puerto Rico 14, Cuba 7, Venezuela 6, Mexico 6, Panama 1.

*Caribbean Series 2008 Tigres del Licey beat their local foes, the Aguilas Cibaenas (there were 2 Dominican teams as Puerto Rico could not play this year) and won their 10th championship. The score was 8 to 2 (the widest margin in the history of the series). This makes it the 17th Serie del Caribe Championship that Dominican Republic has won.

*Caribbean Series 2007 Aguilias won the series! The longest baseball game in the Caribbean Baseball Series had 18 innings. The game was 6 hours and 13 minutes long. Played at the Roberto Clemente stadium in Puerto Rico February 2, 2007. The Aguilas Cibaeñas of Dominican Republic won 4 to 3 over the Tigres de Aragua of Venezuela.

*The Caribbean Series 2006 Tigres de Licey came in second place to Venezuela. They were in the lead until the 9th. This is the second year in a row Dominican Republic ended up in second place.

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+click to enlarge - A Little League Baseball game being played at Estadio Olympico
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A game in progress at Estadio Quisqueya, Santo Domingo
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A game at Estadio Quisqueya, Santo Domingo
+click to enlarge - A game at Estadio Quisqueya, Santo Domingo
+click to enlarge - A game in progress at Estadio Quisqueya, Santo Domingo