Sederías California
This store is a very large department store and has a large variety of merchandise. Appliances, electronics, furniture, house wares, health and beauty aides, clothing, shoes, and much more. They have just about everything you might need and prices are very reasonable. (Reminds me of Woolworth's) There is a Banco Popular office inside.
Contact: 809-687-1155   website:
Location: Calle El Conde and Avenida Duarte, Santo Domingo

Avenida Duarte
This is one of the busiest and most liveliest commercial streets in all the country. One can find shops of all types and reasonable prices. All classes and types of people shop here so be aware of your surroundings. For all visitors this is area is a must see.
Location: Ave. Duarte from Ave Mella and 27 de Febrero, Santo Domingo

Casa de Bastidas
Houses an art gallery Was the residence of Don Rodrigo de Bastidas. He was the mayor of the city and tax collector for the King
Directions: Calle Las Damas, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Almacenes El Conde
House wares and clothing for the entire family. A long time business here in Zona Colonial
Contact: 809-689-5768
Location: Calle El Conde #363

Tarazzo Zapaterias
This shoe store has a very wide selection and they are very attentive to the customer. Ask for Ruben.
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9AM to 8PM
Contact: 809-221-5119 Fax: 809-689-1872
Web site:   
Location: Calle El Conde #368  Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo  (also in Plaza Central and Diamond Mall)

Solmelia Hotels & Resorts
There are some stores that are very upscale and feature some of our talented designers. To see them go to our Artist-Designer pages.
Department/Clothing Stores
Shoe Stores
Shopping Centers
Department Stores
Los Muchachos CxA         
Contact: 809-689-8196
Direction: Calle El Conde #305, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Calzados Tarrazo         
Contact: 809-221-5119
Directions: Calle El Conde #368. Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Contact: 809-686-1288        
Directions: Calle El Conde, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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There are some items that have the typical Dominican sayings or Dominicanismos on them.

I have placed some Dominican Republic related items here. But no matter your taste I'm sure you'll find what your looking for.
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Get a funny shirt, mug, baby outfit and much more with a Dominican saying. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from I could not list them all here. Once you enter the site look around. Here is much to see. T-shirts, Sweatshirts, mugs, baby, posters, and much more.
Shirts and more with the Dominican Flag, funny sayings and much more.
Nothing for this space...have an idea? jejeje We can't be serious all the time.

happy dance gif
Just do the "HAPPY DANCE" when you feel down
Just do the "HAPPY DANCE"  and your worries are gone
This is Alfonso Ribeiro (from Fresh Prince of Belaire) doing his happy dance...all is good
This is a list of many of the different categories of items to make your search easier. There are many more but these are ones that have many Latin/ Spanish sayings.
If you do want to make a shirt, they give you all the instructions and will help you every step of the way. All you have to do is come up with the idea, create the design and send it to them so they can make your creation for you to distribute to the world. Make your own little on line store and they will even do the displaying, selling and shipping. All you need to do is send your clients to your store and collect the money when they sell your item. How easy.

I've put some of my favorites here to give you an idea of the vide variety of items. Just click on the picture to get to that item. You can do a more detailed search once you get there.
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