PADELA Patronato amigo de los animales en Republica Domincana ( Patronage Friends of the Animals in Dominican Republic)  
PADELA, founded in 1983, is a non-governmental non-profit program dedicated to the protection of animals. To promote their well-being. To prevent mistreatment and guaranteeing their health. They provide Veterinary consultations, vaccinations, surgeries and more at a very minimal cost. They provide spaying and vaccinations to street animals      to help control the population. They protect animals of all types and fight for they safety and protection of all animals, captive and free.They are now trying to make a large veterinary hospital built only on donations.

PADELA has many animals that need a good home. A pet is ready and waiting for adoption and wanting a human to care for.

Pet Plaza - All your pets needs. Carrying some of the best pet foods available in Dominican Republic. The pet shop that really cares about your pet. They can also special order some items for you as well.
If you are looking to adopt a pet or for a place to train your dog, the owner Kay, has all the information you will need.
Location: Avenida Enriquilli #91, Bella Vista, Santo Domingo
Contact; 829-733-2112 and 809-476-9431
Find us on Facebook: petplaza
Pet Plaza also has the first online pet store in Dominican Republic. Check it out.

Perro Mundo
Contact: 809-689-0982
Directions: Palo Hincado #119  Colonial Zone

Animal House
Contact: 809-221-5532
Directions: Abreu #106 Villa Francisca

Productos Veterinarios, CxA
Contact: 809-682-6505
Directions: Mercedes #251  Colonial Zone

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU)
I have used their veterinary services for my own dog. They were very courteous and treated my dog like a queen. The vet even called a few times to see how my dog was and when I didn't have money he still gave my dog necessary care. I highly recommend them for veterinary services. They have very reasonable prices. (as of 4-2012 spaying a dog costs RD $4300)
Hours: Monday thru Saturday  8-12 am and 2-5 pm.
Contact: 809-562-6601 Ext. 1302     Fax: 809-540-0425
Directions:  Autopista Duarte  Km. 7 ½  Santo Domingo, right off JF Kennedy and before the Botanical Gardens

Fundación Protectora de los Animales . FUPRADL
A nonprofit foundation that is responsible for ensuring the defense and protection of defenseless animals from streets and homes in the Dominican Republic. Also performs various activities of adoption so the street animals or those abused can get a new chance at life. The foundation was created by Dr. Marilyn R. Lois, who is a lawyer and defender of the rights of animals. They are always happy to get any donations you are willing to give.
Contact -
Phone - 829-755-1207

Doggie House
Pet adoption center
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There are many Doggie T-Shirts. Let your Best Friend show its Dominican Pride! Maybe you want to match. Most of the doggie clothes are available in human shirts and hats also. This way you and your best friend can match as you walk along together.

These represented are a few I liked but there are so many different styles that I'm sure you and your boss dog will love.

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Businesses - Animal Care


S.V.D. - Servicios Veterinarios a Domicilio
Offering the best veterinary consultations for your pets at a low price and in your own home.
Doctors - Janielle Garcia y Marien Hernandez
Contact - 829-340-8992 and 809-850-8700

Pet Care Veterinaria
location - Bella Vista, Camila Henríquez Ureña esq. 4A
hours - Mon - Sat:    8:30 am    -    8:00 am
contact - 809-333-4400

Pets Valley
Veterinary Clinic and Ambulance Services
Contact: 809-567-3905 EMERGENCIES 809-398-0005
Directions: Frank Felix Meranda #16-D, Ench. Naco, Santo Domingo

Pet Land
Store, Veterinary services, Pet Hotel, a state of the art veterinary center with a different concept, geared to providing services and products for pets 
Location - Leonardo Da Vinci No. 57, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, República Dominicana
Contact.: 809-331-3434 Fax: 809 620-1570 emergency number - 809-417-0622

Jardin de Mascotas Day Care & Hotel
House your pet while traveling or working. Your pet will feel at home with a large garden / patio to share with new friends receiving  24-hour supervision.
Proprietor -  Aitza Tactuk
Hours - Mon - Sun:    7:00 am    -    6:00 pm
Contact - in Santo Domingo 809-338-0479 / 849-816-0479

Parque del Prado - Pet Cemetery
La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
Contact -  809-598-3000

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Stay at Marriott with your Pets.

We now have The Dominican Dog Blog - Stories and reviews written through the eyes of the Dominican Dog, Teli (Her full name is Inteliperra). Also there will be resources about all things dog (and other animals depending on what Teli wants to share), vets, food, training, animals looking for a home of their own and more.

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padela donation information
Pet Adoption Centers
*Remember most of these adoption centers and rescue places work on donations.
They need donations to help them do what is needed for all the animals of Dominican Republic. Click on the poster and all the donation information is there for USA and Dominican Republic. If you donate please mark it Dominican Dog so it will go to help our  neighborhood dogs specifically.
If you can't come up with money they are always happy to have volunteers (or you can even do both, volunteer and donate). They will find something for you to do and will be very happy to have your help.
Contact:  809-685-0999
Directions: Calle José Gabriel García #175, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

+click image to enlarge for all the donation information