Beauty Salons

L' Excellent Salón  "Calidad en el Servicio"
The owners Eunice and Jeannette are always on hand and run a tight business. You tell them what you want, they give you tickets then you are on your way. I love the hair washing, they give you a nice massage when they wash your hair. Then the owners make sure you go to the best beautician for your hair type and the style you want. They have different daily specials.
Contact: 809-686-4431
Location: Calle Luperón #154 between Duarte and 19 de Marzo, Zona Colonial, Sto.Dgo., RD *Note that the business is a little difficult to find. They have one door with a gate on the front with a small sign in the window. Either knock on the glass or reach in and open the gate.

Salón Peluquería "La Rubia"
Nice people and great prices. The owner Joselyn Galicia is a truly nice person and a good beautician.
Contact: 829-898-9674
Location: Calle Padre Billini # 271 near Sanchez, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

D-Carolin Salón
A busy salon with some great prices for both men and women. Specials Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. They also do pedicures and manicures. Tell them you saw the ad on this web site.
Hours: 8AM to 8PM
Contact: 809-449-7573
Location: Calle Arzobispo Porte #24 and Meriñno in front of Colmado Colonial, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

A barber shop is a social experience for the men just as a beauty salon is for the ladies. Many men go a few times a week for a shave, trim and just to talk and catch up on the local gossip. So many Dominican men do not shave themselves because a shave by a Barber is so inexpensive. Now there are a few Co-ed salons which cater to both men and women in the same business.

Barbería Victoria
Contact: 809-682-8960
Directions: Palo Hincado #251-1

Barbería Mercedes
Contact: 809-689-6433
Directions: Mercedes #402

Tirso Barber Shop
Contact: 809-473-0276
Directions: Duarte #16

Peluquería De Chuchi Inocensio De Los Santos
Contact: 809-414-5432
Directions: Arz Meriño #13

D'Kelvin Peluquería (El Diesel)
Contact: 809-333-6388
Directions: El Número #112

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Here's a funny blog story about going to a beauty Salon "The Shuckin' Beauty Salon"

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Beauty Supplies

El Mundo del Cabello, S.A.
Beauty salon supplies and accessories
Contact: 809-686-0094
Directions: Sánchez #257 and El Conde  Colonial Zone
picture/image barber shop and domino playing
+click to enlarge.  A Dominican Barber Shop. Note men playing Dominoes on the left. Going to the barber or Beauty Salon is a very social time(thanks Scott for the picture)
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Beauty Salons and Barber shops can be found on almost every street in the country. From elaborate to the most basic most places will usually have a client getting their hair styled, straightened or cut. Not only are the salons here to make a person look good they are a place where people meet, talk and just hang out. catching up on the local news and maybe even playing a game of dominoes or cards. Dominican women usually go to the salon every week. Get their hair washed, styled and maybe get a manicure or pedicure. The men also go usually weekly for a trim, shave or just to hang out. It is fun going to a salon or barber so make sure you visit a salon or barber while here in Dominican Republic if not to look beautiful for sure try it just for the experience.

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