Official Guides/ Guías and Tourist Offices
Asociación De Guías De República Dominicana
Contact: 809-682-0209
Directions: V C Duarte #3    Santo Domingo

Asociación Dominicana de Operadores Turísticos
Contact: 809-685-6091
Directions: V C Duarte #3    Santo Domingo

Columbus Plaza
Contact: 809-689-0565
Directions: Arz Meriño #204

Here in the Colonial Zone there is no shortage of Guias/ Tour Guides that are more than willing to help you for a price. Standing on almost every street corner of the Colonial Zone there is always someone willing to help. They will take you around the town, tell you the history, take you into the gift shops, and many take your money if your not careful.

There is a tourist office on Calle Isabel La Catolicá in front of Parque Colon in the colonial looking building called Palace of Borgell. This building houses the Post Office also so if your asking around you can ask where the post office is. If you do want a tour guide for the Colonial Zone and you do not want to get one off the street you can go here and ask. Also if you have any problems with a guide you can tell on them here.

There is a Tourist Police station on Calle El Conde if you have any problems. The tourist police usually wear white shirts and navy pants if you need help. There are the police on beautiful, well fed horses that are a nice addition to the look of the city. There are bicycle police, Harley riding police, and now police on Segways, which are the newest addition to the tourist police force here in the Zone. There are usually always some type of police around Colonial Zone. The main problem with the police here that I have noticed is that most only speak Spanish so trying to tell them of a problem can be a bit difficult.

There are also companies that you can hire for a more secure touring experience. These are good if you would like the extra security of someone looking out for you. It is also nice if you want to look all over the city and have a car or van there without hassles, to go around as you wish. This is much easier than trying to hail a taxi every time you want to head to a new destination. Make sure you set a price before you start out so there are no problems later.

One of the biggest aides that I could say is to try and learn, or at least have a cheat-sheet of basic Spanish words with you to make it much easier if you leave the resort/tourist areas. Even if you have to look at the paper of book for a word, it will help out immensely. (to see some basic Spanish check out our basic Spanish language page, and to learn some real Dominican Spanish check out the rest of the language pages)

I would not recommend renting a car. It's more problems than it is worth. For more travel information go to our transportation page. Here there are tips on getting around the island, the local taxi services around Santo Domingo area that I can recommend along with their phone numbers, and more information.
This excellent and informative video is from Discovery Channel and it shares with the viewer a little about the life in Dominican Republic. Not only the tourist information but you will see the places that most tourists will never see. If you have the time to watch, it will be well worth your time to gain a little insight to the real Dominican Republic. Maybe you can see why we who live here love it so much, why the good outweighs the bad. Discover our island.
Dominican Republic Documentary by Discovery Channel.
Discovery Channel   46 min 43 sec - May 23, 2006
For our complete listing of sights and monuments in Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. Also we have a map with locations marked that you can print and take with you when you tour the oldest city in The Americas, Colonial Zone.
Dominicana Gringa Tour Guide Services
Tour the Colonial Zone at your leisure. See the monuments, sights and enjoy the Dominican culture at the same time. Famous for the Colmado tour. Go places where the tourists do not normally visit. Meet the real Dominican people while enjoying a beer or liquid refreshment hanging with the locals. You decide what you want to see and do.

Send me an email for more information or give me a call. I love to share the country I fell in love with and now call home with everyone. I do not do groups just a few people.

To read some of my adventures check out my blog. The DR Gringa's Life and read all the information on my web site (I am the owner and writer of this web site)

Read some DR Gringas Tour testimonials from people I gave my special tour, helped and became friends. As I get more testimonials I'll post them.

Janette Keys
Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
telephone:(1) 829-867-5067 cell phone

Here are links to other You Tube videos from the Campaña de Publicidad Nacional de Turismo Interno "Turismo para Todos" 2009 Secretaria de Estado Turismo de Republica Dominicana / Campaign for National Publicity of Internal Tourism "Tourism fro All" from the Secretary of Tourism of Dominican Republic.

Enjoy watching these videos and see what Dominican Republic has to offer then come to our island and visit for yourself.




The Ministry of Tourism has just introduced a new advertising campaign targeting domestic and international travel markets. This video is for the tourism campaign in Europe.
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Bávaro - Calle Friusa-Plaza El Tronco, Bávaro
Phone: 809-552-1237

Boca Chica  - Plaza Turística Boca Chica
Phone: 809-523-5106

Cabarete - Calle Principal in front of Tricom Office
Phone: 809-571-0962

Constanza - Calle Antonio María Garcia #43
Phone: 809-539-2900

Cotuí - Calle Hector Soto Esq. Mella #48
Phone: 809-586-2390

Higuey - Av. Altagracia No. 85, Salvaleón De Higuey
Phone: 809-554-2672

Jarabacoa - Calle Mario Nelson Galan, Plaza Ramirez Modulo #209
Phone: 809-574-7287

Terrenas - Calle Libertad in front of the Policía Nacional office
Phone: 809-240-6363

Luperón - Calle General Luperón #50
Phone: 809-571-8002

Nagua - Calle Club Rotario (Gobernación)
Phone: 809-584-3862

San Cristóbal - Av. Constitución, Gobernación
Phone: 809-528-1844

San José de Ocoa - Av. Canadá #132 Gobernación Provincial
Phone: 809-558-4166

San Pedro - Dominguez Charo #8, La Gobernación
Phone: 809-529-3644

Santiago - Calle Juan Pablo Duarte, Ayuntamiento De Santiago
Phone: 809-582-5885

Puerto Plata - Calle José del Carmen Ariza #45
Phone: 809-586-3676

Samaná - Av. Santa Barbara #4
Phone: 809-538-2332

Sosua - Calle Principal (Plaza Eric House)
Phone: 809-571-3433
La Romana
Phone : 809-550-6922