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P-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana



– Small bread or Roll.


– Hotcakes. Pancakes.

Pan de Auga

– Water Bread. These individual crusty bread rolls are very flavorful. The outside is crusty while the inside is soft. They are good eating alone or made into a sandwich. Most Colmados sell them fresh made every morning.

Pan de Auga
Pan de Auga

Pan de Fruta

(Bread Fruit)- a typical food for Christmas. They are close in flavor and texture to a Chestnut in United States. They are a brown shelled fruit covered in a spiny covering that is removed. They are boiled with olive oil or butter to eat plain. They can be mashed, fried, stewed, or made into a dessert with milk and spices.

Pan De Fruta
Pan De Fruta


– Pig stomach cooked. Panza is usually a little spicy and does not have an appealing look plus it has a bit of a funky smell. If you can get past the looks the taste is very good.


Pasteles en Hoja

– A type of tamale with a variety of fillings. The insides are usually made with plantain and sometimes Yucca. They are stuffed with a variety of meats or soy. Then the pasteles are wrapped in a banana leaf, tied and boiled. Dominicans like them served with some ketchup, mayonnaise or a little hot sauce.

Pasteles en Hoja
Pasteles en Hoja


– Dominican small fried pastries filled with cheeses, meats and/ or vegetables.

Patas de Pollo

– Chicken feet. These can be cooked in many different ways including fried and boiled for a soup.

Patas de Pollo - Chicken Feet
Patas de Pollo – Chicken Feet

Paticas de Cerdo

– Pigs Feet. There are also Patas de Rez (beef) and patas de Chivo (goat). Dominicans love patas and they have a special way of cooking these to make them taste wonderful. They can be prepared in a stew or cooked “guisada” style with a tomato sauce the same as many of the meats are prepared. This picture is Paticas de Cerdo boiled to be eaten plain or ready for other ingredients to be added.

Patica de Cerdo - Pigs Feet
Patica de Cerdo – Pigs Feet


– Turkey

Pechuga de Pollo

– Chicken Breast


– Heart of Palm


– Pickles


– Cucumber


– Pear


also pronounced Pecao – Fish

Pescado Colorado

– Red Fish

Pescado Frito

– Fish fried in oil found throughout the country. You can find this fish on many of the beaches throughout the country fried fresh. They are fried whole with the head and all.

Pescado Frito - Fried Fish
Pescado Frito – Fried Fish


– Pepsi Cola

Petits Pois

– Peas


– Sardines


also known as Pollo Frito- Breaded fried chicken


– The tail of the chicken.

Pollo con Pichirri
Pollo con Pichirri


– Pineapple. more about the piña.

Platanos de Caldero or Maduro

– Caramelized ripe plantains (get the recipe for Platanos Maduro)


– Octopus. The same as squid (pulpo) but larger. This tasty food can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Pulpo - Octopus
Pulpo – Octopus

N-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana



– Orange

Naranja Agria

– Bitter orange used to season many foods.


– A semi-sweet fruit also known as loquat or sapotilla/zapotillo. The flavor and feel somewhat resembles a pear. They have a few shiny black seeds in the center.


M-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana



– A natural juice made from the bark of the Mavi tree. You can purchase this in many stores and Colmados throughout the country. The version pictured has carbonation. The bottle cost $15 pesos (6-2012) (more about Mabi). The word mabi means fermented root.

Dominican Republic Mabi de Bejuco Indio
Dominican Republic Mabi de Bejuco Indio


– Corn


– A sweet corn pudding


– A typical Dominican drink made with herbs and roots with rum, honey and wine added. Some may have animal parts added. This alcoholic beverage is supposed to be good for men’s potency.

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Mamajuana being sold in the market in Dominican Republic
Mamajuana being sold in the market in Dominican Republic


– Another name for an orange

Mandarina (o)

– A tangerine or mandarin. These can be found January through February and November through December.


– Peanut.


– A typical Dominican food made with platanos, onion and oil then mashed. Typically served at breakfast.
A recipe for mangú.

Mangu with onions and some coffee for breakfast
Mangu with onions and some coffee for breakfast


– Cashew nuts


– The generic name for sea food.


– A sweet smoked sausage.


– Mashed auyama squash served with onions.

Medio pollo

– Translated Half Chicken but in Dominican Republic when you ask for a medio pollo you are served a small cup of espresso coffee. It is half coffee and half milk.

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– Small Groupers (fish)


– Honey. The bee that makes the honey is called abeja melífera. The Dominican Queen Bee is known to be very docile and many countries purchase our bees as well as the honey they produce. You can buy the honey with or without the wax comb.

Miel - Honey
Miel – Honey

Mofongo / Monfongo

– typical Dominican dish made with mashed fried green platanos/ plantains. These traditionally are mashed with chicharrones de cerdo/ fried pork skins. This is served in a pilón piled high in ice cream cone form. A broth accompanies the dish, served on the side, for dipping or moistening the dish. There are many varieties of this dish made with different meats using the basic recipe: Camaronfongo/ shrimp monfongo.

For other ways to cook Platanos / Plantains check our recipe page.

Monfongo in Pilón
Monfongo in Pilón


– Okra


– A tripe stew cooked Dominican Style that is very tasty. Usually served with some rice or fried platano. Just add a little hot sauce and it is ready to eat.



– A spicy blood sausage.


Morir soñando

– (to die dreaming) Orange juice blended with Carnation milk to make a refreshing shake-type fruit drink.


– A typical Dominican dish of rice and beans cooked together. It can be made using different types of beans including black, red, white or green then add some tomato paste and spices and you have this yummy dish.

Moro with Grandules with Coco(nut) served with Fried Fish
Moro with Grandules with Coco(nut) served with Fried Fish