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Food/ Recipes (recetas) Drink Beverage Recipes
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Jugo de Avena/ Oatmeal Juice or Drink
Soak 1 part oat flakes (If you want to make 4 servings start with 1 cup of oat flakes) in 2 parts of water for about an hour. Blend for about a minute and strain out the lumps.
Take 4 parts evaporated milk (or regular milk if you want it to be less rich and have a lot less calories) and 2 parts ice to make the milk really cold.
Add 2 parts of juice with sugar added to taste.
The more traditional juice to use is jugo de china/ orange. You can also use lime juice, papayas, pineapple or a blend of juices. Try apple juice with a little cinnamon added.
Make sure to stir the milk/ avena mixture when you add the juice to keep it from curdleing. Adding the sugar to the juice helps guard against this happening also.
It is like a liquid glass of oatmeal, a great way to get your fiber and enjoy it.

Té Jengibre / Ginger Tea
This is a traditional Christmas drink (more on Dominican Christmas foods). It is said to keep you warm on those cold, tropical Dominican nights (that is a joke). It is a staple for the winter months.
Boil about 5 cups of water and add 8 cinnamon sticks. Boil until the color of the water is a very light brown and it has a little cinnamon flavor, maybe about 5 minutes.
Add about 1/2 cup of pealed, thinly sliced ginger to the cinnamon water. Simmer together for about 5 more minutes adding water as some evaporates.
Strain and add sugar. You can add the sugar to the mix or add it to the cups separately.

The smell is wonderful. It is truly a warming drink. Served sweet, Dominican style it is heavenly.
Some of the virtues of ginger:
Ginger is said to keep away colds because of its warming effect.
It is also good for calming the stomach (how many times did your mother give you ginger ale when you had an upset stomach?).
It aids in digestion by getting rid of gasses and breaks down fatty foods. 
It is said to enhance circulation and be very stimulating.
People say it is an Aphrodisiac probably because of it's warming qualities.
Ginger is served with Sushi because it is said to kill parasites in raw fish

Tamarind Juice / Jugo Tamarindo
This juice is sweet yet sour. It is high in acid, sugar, B vitamins, calcium and is high in fiber (used as natural laxative).
Recipe - Use the very ripe tamarind to make juice.
Remove the pulp from ripened pods or buy in bags with the shell already removed.
Remove the seeds.
I usually mix 1 part tamarind to 5 parts of water and 1/2 part sugar depending on how sweet you like it (that would be 1 cup pulp, 5 cups water and 1/2 cup sugar).
Put it all in a blender and mix it up good.
Then pour in your glass.
Add some ice and enjoy.

More about tamarindo in the Grown in Dominican Republic pages.
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