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Language of the Animals and Nature in Dominican Spanish

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LANGUAGE - Names Of Things in Nature and Animal Talk
Names Of Things in Nature and Animal Talk
Trees | Animals | Using Animal Traits to Describe People | Animal Talk | El viejo Juancho tenía una granja (Old McDonald Had a Farm), the song |
Using animals traits to describe people

*Burro - (donkey) a gross person
*Conejo - (rabbit) someone who's front teeth are large or missing
*Jirafas - (giraffes) women who excel because of their high stature
*Leon - (lion) a person who always wants to solve a problem by fighting, using fists
*Gallo/ Gallito - (rooster) a person who always wants to solve a problem by fighting, using fists
*Liebre - (hare) a person that cannot be caught when he flees
*Perro - (dog) one that does not have morals and lacks education
*Puerco - (pig) person with bad hygiene
*Pulpo - (squid) type of person that wants everything to be the way he wants it to be, grabs for all of life
*Ratón - (mouse) someone that is of small build
*Rata - (rat) low person without morals or values
*Toro - (bull) person with great force and resistance, bull-headed

Trees / árboles

*Almendro - Almond trees. These trees can get quite large and produce a single fruit inside of a flour type bud.
*Almacigo - Mastic tree
*Arce - Maple
*Avellano - Hazel
*Caimito - Star apple
*Cajuil - Cashew
*Caoba - Mahogany tree. This tree is the National Tree of Dominican Republic
*Cedro - Cedar
*Cerezo - cherry tree
*Flamboyant/ Framboyan - Flame Tree or Royal Poinciana. This tree flowers in late spring/ early summer and is very beautiful with it's bright red umbrella of flowers.
*Guasábara - Species of cactus that grows in the barren zones of the Dominican Republic
*Higuera - Fig tree

Names of things in nature / Nombres de cosas en naturaleza.

Here you will find the names of trees, flowers and animals in Spanish. Some things in Dominican Republic have names that are different than other Spanish speaking countries.

A very important Dominicanism to remember is the word vaina. If you do not know what something is just point at it and say la vaina / the thing. This can cover up for many unknown words! 
Almendro Tree
red flowers of the Flamboyant Tree also known as the Royal Poinciana and the flam tree
+click images to enlarge
(top)Almendro Tree
Both are found on the grounds of the Fortaleza Ozama in Cuidad Colonial
(bottom) Flamboyant Tree 

Animals / animales (details about many of the Creatures found in Dominican Republic)
*Ardilla - Squirrel
*Cabron - a large male goat
*Cacata - tarantula-type spider (picture and information about the cacata)
*Chinchilín - blackbird
*Chivo - goat
*Cocuyo or Cucuyo - firefly, lightning bug
*Gallina - chicken
*Huron - ferret
*Mono - monkey
*Paloma - Pigeon
*Pavo - turkey
*Peje, Pecao - fish
*Viralata - used to describe a mixed bread dog usually brown, and the way they search for food
*Zorrillo - skunk
El viejo Juancho tenía una granja (Old McDonald Had a Farm) translated by Paola Ferate-Soto

El viejo Juancho tenía una granja, iai, iai, oo.
Y en su granja tenía un marrano, iai, iai, oo.
Con su oink, oink aquí, con su oink, oink allí,
Aquí oink, allí oink, en todos lados oink, oink.
El viejo Juancho tenía una granja, iai, iai, oo.

the rest of the verses continue:
Vaca: mu, mu
Pollito: pío, pío
Caballo: neigh, neigh
Oveja: bee, bee
Perro: guau, guau
Gato: miau, miau
Pato: cuac, cuac

How Animals Talk / Cómo los animales hablan

Remember the song Old McDonald Had a Farm (The Spanish version is called El viejo Juancho tenía una granja is on the bottom of this page)?. Well, in Spanish the animals make different sounds. Yes, animals living in Spanish speaking countries also speak Spanish. Even though when hearing a Spanish speaking animal make their given noise the sound is the same in my ear, when it hits a Spanish speaking persons ear, I guess, the sound is different. The person who's eardrums are intercepting the sound interprets the animal talk into their own language.

One really never thinks of an animal speaking a different language until you are confronted with it. Try calling a cat or dog the way you usually call them in Dominican Republic. They will ignore you completely. They are probably laughing at you inside their little animal heads! Remember, the little lip popping, kissy sound one makes to call a dog in one country can (and does) mean attack! in Dominican Republic. A cat will ignore you completely if you call it like you would in English but as soon as you say misu, misu it (may) then pay you attention. I wonder what Doctor Doolittle would do.....

Bee - English = bzzzz   
            Las abejas hacen en español (the bees say in Spanish) = bzzz
Bird - English = tweet tweet
            Los pájaros trinan hacen en español de españa (Spain) = pío pío, Argentina Spanish = pi pi
Cat - English = meow
            El Gato ladra hace español = miau
Chick - USA English = peep peep British English=cheep cheep
            español = pío pío
Cow - English = moo
            Las vacas mugen hacen en español = muuu
Crow - English = caw
            español = cruaaac, cruaaac
Dog - English = bow wow, arf, woof, ruff ruff 
            El perro ladra hace español = guau guau or wow wow
Donkey - English = hee-haw
            Costa Rica Spanish = iii-aah, iii-aah
Dove, pigeon - English = coo
            La paloma hace en español = cu-curru-cu-cú
Duck - English = quack quack
             Los Patos hacen en español de españa (Spain) = cuá cuá, Argentina Spanish=cuac cuac
Frog - English=ribbit
            La rana croa; hace en español de españa = cruá-cruá, Argentina Spanish = berp, Peru Spanish = croac, croac
Goat - English = baaah
            El chivo hace en español = bee bee
Hen - English = cackle and cluck
            español = coc co co coc
Horse - English = neigh or whinny
            El caballo relincha; hace ; Colombia Spanish = iiiiou,  Paraguay Spanish = ioohoho, Peru Spanish = iiiiii,
            Spain Spanish = híiiiiiiiii
Owl - English = hoo 
            El búho hace en español = uu uu
Pig - English = oink oink
            El cerdo hace en español = oink-oink
Rooster - English = cock-a-doodle-doo 
            El gallo canta; hace;  Spain Spanish = kikirikí, Argentina Spanish = ki-kiri-ki
Sheep - English = baaah
            Las ovejas balan; hacen,  Spain Spanish = bee, Argentina Spanish = meeee
Tiger - English = grrrrrr
            El tigre hace en español de españa = grgrgrgr, Venezuela Spanish = gggrrrrrrr 
(my little joke - Tiger - Dominican person speaking in English "Hey BABY"!  IE: definition of a tigre in Dominican Spanish is a person who is a womanizer)
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