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Reggaeton in Dominican Republic became very popular very fast. The genre is Puerto Rico based but really originated in Panama (El General was one of the originals). The beat is sort of a down, down, up close to the reggae beat. It is Latin rap with a dance hall beat.  Reggaeton is a mix of Hip-Hop and Reggae with a little Bachata, Merengue and other Latin rhythms thrown in to make a unique sound. The Boricuas have made this style of music their own. Still, out of Dominican Republic has come some of the most popular bands. 
This style of music is quite contagious. Most of the lyrics refer to women or somethings not very nice. They contain much slang and Spanglish (English and Spanish mixed). Even if, at first, you do not like this type of music you will catch yourself singing along with it even if you won't admit to it. Usually people either like this style or hate it, there is no in between. You may not want to admit to singing "Dame la  Gasolina" but you know that you have sung it to yourself after you heard the song in the streets.

Another Dominican Reggaeton group -  KALiMETE
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Mangú was  born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the States. When he returned to visit his family Dominicanos would make fun of him and call him el Americano. He was learning English to go with the Spanish he already knew. Bronx New York was was his new home. When his mom played Merengue and Salsa music he told her to turn it down because he thought it was for old people. He was drawn to writing rap routines and break dancing instead. His mom decided it was time to get him out of NY so they moved to Miami where he was surrounded by Latinos and their music. He began his career by dancing for local hip hop groups with which he toured and learned the ropes. His solo career was next. Mangú did his songs in Spanglish with a mix of flavours that got him noticed fast in the local scene. He recorded a song in bilingual rap and then did his own album, "Mangu" known by many as "Calle Luna Calle Sol". This gave him the chance to tour in the States, Latin America and Europe. He also received the RFI (Radio France International) discovery artist of the year award in 1999. He fell in love with that part of the world and moved to France.
Mangú has his new album, "Mi Familia". all ready released June 2007. It is less traditional and more electronic and still has Latin lingo and Spanglish fusion. He tours much in Europe .

Some of the words that you might hear in Reggaeton songs that are not in your dictionary.
*dembow-rhythm used to describe reggaeton’s beat
*guerlas o gatas-girls
*guillao-proud or vain
*gata fina-a conservative lady
*rankearse-to reach a higher class
*perrear-term meaning the way reggaeton is danced
*corillo-crew, a group of friends that are always together
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A new up and coming Reggaton - Latin Hip-Hop musician. Talent and determination are what he is known for.
Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Jimmy was always into reggaeton music even when he was quite young. He was writing beats by the time he was 13 years of age. Two years later he was written about in a magazine called In The House along wth famous reggatones Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam. Later that year he entered a competition and won. Jimmy participated in many different concerts and shows where he displayed his distinctive sound and talents with a flow uniquely his own. He appeared in different concerts and shows (Santiago Rapers Live, both 1 and 2 and Pachanga Mix el Aniversario). With the talented and creative help of enginer and DJ known as DJ Fattony. Jimmy Santana, aka Jimmy Flavor, grew in popularity.
In 2001 Jimmy flew to USA where he joined with DJ Mac11 also known as Henry Morel. Jimmy played bars and venues in the area where he resided, Terrytown, New York. His  popularity continued to grow as he wrote new and different reggaeton verse with a beat and rhythem all his own.
In 2004 Jimmy Flavor returned to Santiago and joined forces with MC Pablo and Grupo Ingcocrew where they did their first cover tune disc. In the same year Jimmy recorded a song with Dominican rapper  L Briyan.

picture/image jimmy flavor, echo and bobby mele
Jimmy Flavor, Echo and Bobby Mele in Dominican Republic
picture/image JimmyFlavorRECORD8-8-06
Jimmy Flavor (Jimmy Santana is his given name)
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Now in 2006 Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop recording artist, Jimmy Flavor has teamed up with the Lindoro Entertainment Group, two time Grammy Award Winning Producers Echo & Diesel (how has produced some of the top selling Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop albums including Vico C's En Honor a la Verdad and Daddy Yankee's Barrio Fino), and  Lincoln, an 18 year Producer from Dominican Republic, to launch what they are calling Reggaeton's New Urban Latin Sensation.
Jimmy has a unique style, exceptional talent and lyrics that are truly his own. He has been working hard to promote his first single "Que Tu Quiere Hacer"  which is steadily climbing the charts here in Dominican Republic and Argentina (these two countries have the largest markets for Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop). He continues to enthral and captivate his audience. He will definitely have a major impact on the Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop Market.

Thanks Bobby Mele, CEO of Lindoro Entertainment, for the information.

Jimmy Flavor
Listen to his song 
"Que Tu Quiere Hacer"

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