Ramon & Luis   played music together and quickly became friends. As the years passed
they listened to God's voice and are now servants of the Lord.
Ramon Rosario is a native of the Dominican Republic. For three years he studied in the Academy of Music in Santo Domingo. He learned to play the guitar, bass, percussion, and trombone. Then he studied music arrangement and composing. Throughout the years, he has served as vocal and musical director for live shows and in the studio for renown Latin artists. Ramon now lives in New York City where teaches music and continues working on live recordings and much more.
Luis E. Cordero, born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New York City. He comes from a family of notable musicians. He started his musical career in grade school and continued through college. He was an understudy of Jose Molina (Director of Sony Music, Conductor and Musical Arranger for Symphony Orchestra). A gifted
percussionist at heart, Mr. Cordero played with famous Latin groups in the early 80's to late 90's.

Christian music can be heard throughout Dominican Republic. Just walk past a church and listen. Some of the music is very formal and sacred while other types are very lively. Many times one can hear a band set up in the park playing. If you don't understand Spanish you would think the bands were playing the typical music of the island, merengue or bachata. Sometimes it is nice to listen to positive lyrics, or the old traditional songs that people grew up with. There are also modern Christian bands plenty in the country. Rap, Reggaeton, Rock, Contemporary and Traditional Christian music. People expressing their belief and love for El Senor.

Juan Luis Guerra live - Testimonio de Cristo en su vida.  This is a little of his testimony. For more information and videos about and by Juan Luis Guerra go to our Merengue page.
This Christian Rap band consists of childhood friends Angel Manuel Peña "GINO EL POETA" y Eleazar Jairon Maldonado "JAIRON HIGH". They were called together from the world of drugs and alcohol and other personal problems to give testimony of their changed lives throughthe power of Jesus (el Senor). Their first priduction,  "Lavao con Sangre" (Washed in Blood) was inspired my the Holy Spirit who gives strength to the followers.
(Members of the church Iglesia Tabernaculo de Adoracion, Curazao #51, Santo Domingo)
For more information 809-996-1103 & 809-780-7175
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The Christmas/ Navidad holiday music here in Dominican Republic is wonderful. Of course there is the old traditional Christmas songs and hymns played in the traditional way that the entire world knows. There is also the Dominican Christmas songs and music. These songs are like the rest of the lively island music using the Bachata and Merengue styles to get the Christmas message across. Many of these songs are very danceable and great fun to listen and dance to.

To find out more about the way Christmas/ Navidad is celebrated check out our Christmas traditions page. You can also listen to the traditional song "El Burro y El Pavo".

I have been having a hard time finding any information on Dominican made Christmas music but I did find some of the music for sale on Amazon. I'll keep searching for information.
"Navidad a Ritmo de Bachata" has songs on it by Grupo Aventura, Elvis Martinez, Frank Reyes and more. the MP3's are also available.
"Navidad Bachatera" is a disc and also has MP3 downloads where you can listen to a sampling of the music.
New York Latin All Stars: Feliz Nevidad
"Merenboom Navideno, Vol. 4" has songs by Kinito Mendez, Eddy Herrera, Lost Toros Band, Kinito Mendez, Alex Bueno and more. Also available as MP3 downloads. You can listen to some sample songs also.
get Juan Luis Guerra songs at iTunes icon
Traveling Notes: Music Mosaic Volume 1
Ramon Terrero: En Primavera
Merengue - tropical Christian music - Recorded in Dominican Republic
Dominican Christian Merengue, Cumbia and Bachata by Giovanni Rios
Giovanni Rios: Primera Clase
Giovanni Rios: Solo Bachata
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