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Ninecircus is one of the new Dominican bands to take front stage.  Making a niche in a music style that is definitely not typical for the island country. This six member band plays what is categorized as "Adult Alternative Rock (with a little Grunge mixed in)".

The band members come from and are based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, yet their lyrics are composed in English (due to the amount of years they lived in Orlando, Florida, USA). This adds to their not being the norm in Dominican Republic.

picture image nine circus in concert
picture image nine circus
Ninecircus intense, passionate and powerful lyrics come straight from the heart. These lyrics, blended with crisp, gritty vocals give Nine Circus their own unique style. Influenced by the bands, Pearl Jam, U2, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots and Matchbox Twenty.

Ninecircus first demo, "Kerosene", has received a great listening base in the internet music stations. As of  May 2007 the band is on tour in Dominican Republic and USA promoting their new album "Don't Sell Out" (listen to this title song by clicking on the link below the band in concert picture). This tour along with their popularity on internet radio will bring them a larger listening base and be sure to bring this band the recognition it deserves. I'm sure we will be hearing much more from Ninecircus in the future.

The bands members
Voces/ Vocals: Eliseo Alba
Bateria/ Drums: Jorge Kourie
Bajo/ Bass: Osvaldo Peña
Guitarra/ Guitar: Peter Prazmowski
Guitarra/ Guitar: Rahuel Alvarez
Piano/ Piano: Nassim Alemany

Listen to the song
Don't Sell Out
from their new album
click the blue arrow

A little bit of info...The bands name came about by a compromise of the members. Nine was part of one name chosen and circus was part of another name. named because of a compromise.

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