There are many great Playas/ Beaches here in Dominican Republic. Since it is on an island I guess that is an obvious statement. We have just about any type of beach that a person would like with exuberant tropical views, and lovely seascapes. Some are nice calm, white sand beaches with hardy any wave to speak of. Other beaches have rough waves that can be sometimes dangerous. We have white, brown sand and rocky beaches. Whatever type beach you enjoy I'm sure you will find it here in Dominican Republic, our little island in the Caribbean.

Remember to take your goggles and maybe a snorkel so you can see what is below the waters as it can be just as interesting as what is above.
MONTECRISTI - El Morro (rough waves with brownish red sand).Punta Rucía, El Manantial, Monte Cristi, Bahía de Manzanillo.
PUERTO PLATA - Cabarete, Sosúa, Cofresí, Cabo Isabela, Cambiaso, Playa Dorada, La Encenada, Playa Guzmancito, Long Beach, Bahia de Luperon, Cabarete
ESPAILLAT - Playa la Hermita, Playa Rio San Juan
MARIA TRINIDAD SANCHEZ - Playa Grande (picture-new window), Playa Bretón, Playa El Caletón, Playa Diamente, Playa Preciosa,  Cabo Fránces, La Poza de Bojolo, Arroyo Salado, Playa Matancitas, Playa los Greengos
SAMANÄ - (to get more info on some of these beaches on this page)   Las Terrenas, Puerto Escondido, Rincón, Playuela, Galeras, Los Cocos, Playa Colorada, Playa Fronton, Playa Madame, Playa Bonita (picture-new window)
HATO MAYOR - Playa de Sabana De La Mar, Playa el Negro, Playa de Guibia
EL SEIBO - Playa de Miches, Playa Punta Mangles, Playa Icaco
LA ALTAGRACIA - Macao, Bávaro, Punta Cana, Cabo Engaño, Cabeza de Toro, Punta Juanillo, Playa del Muerto, Playa Arena Gorda, Playa Cortecito, Puerto Escondido, Bayaibe, Playa Dominucus
LA ROMANA - Cumayasa, La Caleta, Las Minitas, Playa De Chavon, Playa De La Romana
PEDRO DE MACORIS - Playa Caribe,  Juan Dolio, Embassy, Yacanes, Villas Del Mar, Playa Las Sardomas, Guayacanes
DISTRICT NACIONAL/ SANTO DOMINGO - Playa Andrés de Boca Chica, La Caleta

See pictures of some beaches and rivers around Dominican Republic.
Some Playas/ Beaches of Dominican Republic listed by Region
For a few little helpful hints about dealing with things on the beach
puddle JUMP! surviving the beach
Boca Chica Beach
Discovered at the end of the 19th century by the Italian Don Juan Vicini. This the closest large beach to Santo Domingo is beautiful with its crystal clear calm waters and white sand beach.  The coral breakwater protects this beach from the waves of the Caribbean. This is why Boca Chica is called the worlds largest bath tub since the waters are virtually waveless. There are two uninhabited islands, both covered in vegetation: Los Pinitos and Las Maticas. There are also many water sports to get involved in, snorkeling, diving, and even the famous Banana Boat ride. There are a few spots along the shore where fresh water runs into the salt. It is nice to know these spots for a little refreshment. Ask the locals where they are located if your interested.

There are many fine restaurants and hotels here. Go out and explore a bit. It's so close to the capital (Santo Domingo) that it makes for a great day trip or an overnighter. You can still find inexpensive hotels here to spend a night after a good time partying.

Boca Chica is known for its Sex tourism. If you want it it is there if you don't want it then don't look. It is still a great place for a good family time. At night when they close off Calle Duarte to traffic. The partying begins. Chairs and tables are set up in the street for a giant party. Very interesting if your into people watching. You can see things happening here that you would never imagine. (Once I entered the street and was approached by a woman wanting to show me pictures of men that I could get to know for a price. I couldn't believe it. First I was offended that she thought I needed to "pay" for an escort then I had to laugh as I watched her approaching others. She was so slick.)

Playa Guibia is the only beach in the City of Santo Domingo. Located on the Malecon, George Washington Blvd. near the Sheraton Hotel. This beach is very polluted with gas and oil and garbage but they are in the process of cleaning it up. It is a good surfing spot. The entire area has been cleaned up and improved. Now there is beach volley ball, vendors, security and more. For complete information on Plaza Güibia in the Parks -Plazas page.
For some helpful hints when going to a beach in Dominican Republic visit Helps and Puddles - At The Beach.

How to get from Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo to Boca Chica by Bus.
Palenque Beach is located in the San Cristobal region This beach is about a 1 hour drive from Santo Domingo. This is a more "Dominican" beach and is not frequented by tons of tourists. There are much less humans than at Boca Chica beach. This beach is darker sand with brownish waters. It is not the crystal blue that one would think of here in Dominican Republic. It is a beautiful beach just the same. Just different.

They serve some great fish at a great price also. There are some interesting places on this beach. There are small dancing pavilions where you can hang out and little bar places where you can rent chairs. The beach vendors here are not as pesty and bothersome as on other beaches. The oysters hear are very tasty. Every time I have been there someone tries to sell me a string of fresh crabs to take home to cook (they were very, very good). It is a nice family beach.

Palenque is good beach for diving and surfing. Here can be found the remains of the French galleon Diómedes Imperial that sank in 1806.

There are a few hotels in the area.
fried fish usually available on the beachs of dominican republic
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(top) Playa Palinque
(bottom) Fried Fish  found on most beaches
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playa juan dolio dominican republic
Playa Juan Dolio is being marketed as the "South Beach of Dominican Republic". It is a smaller beach and not as hectic as many of the beach areas in Dominican Republic. It is about a 40 min drive (40 km) to the east from Santo Domingo. The beaches are not the pure white sand and the water is not usually turquoise colored like one would think.  But it is very clean and beautiful. Who would want every beach to look the same? Some of the beach is a little rough for bare feet because of the shells, but no worries, there are smooth sand areas also. The public beach is small but very clean. One can walk for long distances and get away from the crowd.
Walking around the town is very simple and quite safe. Most everything is within walking distance. There are many good restaurants. The night life is very calm. Not a lot happening here but it is a nice relaxing quiet get away. for a more exciting nightlife and entertainment San Pedro de Macoris is close by.

There are many all inclusive resorts found in Juan Dolio where visitors can enjoy privacy and stay without worry of added in fees.

La Caleta
Located in the east of Santo Domingo, it is the closest beach to the airport. The beach is mainly used by the locals and is a little rocky. It is interesting to see the little blow holes or water shooting out of the rocks. If you go there for a swim make sure to take your goggles or snorkeling gear to see the underwater treasures. There are signs posted in many languages telling you what you may and may not do in the water since this is a protected area. To get there take the bus to Boca Chica, not the Express, and tell them you want to get off at La Caleta. Be sure to ask where to get the return bus as I'm not exactly sure

This beach is home to La Caleta National Submarine Park/ Parque Nacional Submarino La Caleta and was decreed to be a National Park

This great beach area is not a typical tourist beach. Located after Boca Chica and before Juan Dolio coming from Santo Domingo, a providence of San Pedro de Macorís. It is mainly used by the locals and is not very developed. The beach, protected by a coral reef, has lots of palms and places to relax. The water is turquoise blue and clear with white sand beaches. There are some nice little bars and restaurants scattered around the many beach areas. I personally love this beach and the small town.

To get there form the capital take a bus from Parque Enriquillo in Santo Domingo, just ask any taxi driver to take you to the bus to Guayacanes or Juan Dolio. Its about 40 minutes from Santo Domingo.
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playa palinque / palenque beach

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the water spout at Playa Las Caleta
September 1986. It is the first submarine park in the entire country. It is also the closest national park to the capital of Santo Domingo. The underwater park with its large reef system consists of coral caves and caverns including the Cueva de las Golondrinas. The three sunken ships are the Capitán Alsina, El Limon and Hickory which are there to create artificial reefs. and tons of fish to watch. If you do want to take a diving excursion check out our page with some diving companies close by.

The town of La Caleta has a museum of Taino Indian culture, with history and artifacts from around the year 1250.

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