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Mr.Movies are located throughout the country. They have been around a long time. They will also pick up and deliver your movies. Their selection is quite large .For a listing of Mr. Movies located in the Santo Domingo area go to the Dominican Republic yellow pages here.

Movie Max  This is a new on line movie service. You pick the movies you want and they deliver. When you are finished they pick them up for you. You pay a monthly fee for the service (almost like Net Flix)
To see all the television stations we a listing of the stations. Many you can see on line so if your not in Dominican Republic you can still watch.
Perico Ripiao-The Movie
April 30, 2004   Directed by: Ángel Muñiz   Writing credits: Reynaldo Disla, Ángel Muñiz   Made in: Dominican Republic (Dominican Spanish)

This very amusing comedy is about three convicted criminals and their escape from prison carrying only a Güira, a Tambora and an Accordion. During their journey they meet with a bunch of interesting characters and are forced to use their musical skills to help them get home. The film which seems to be only understood by Dominican audiences because of the typical Dominican words and ways of speaking. This movie is filled with jokes based on the absurd and unusual situations that can happen in real life in Dominican Republic (in other countries these events may seem completely absurd). (Tagline: Tuvieron un solo chance para escapar... y lo tomaron)

Main Cast: Raymond Pozo/ Francisco;Manolo Ozuna/ Mauricio;Phillip Rodríguez / Manuel; Giovanny Cruz/General Contreras;Fernando Coste/Arcadio;Miguel Céspedes/Quepis;Pancho Clisante/ The narrator (as José 'Pancho' Clisante);Lumi Lizardo/ Cristina, Manuel's wife (as Lumy Lizardo);Berenice Aquino/ Celia, Francisco's wife;Clara Luz Lozano/ Loly, Mauricio's wife;Kenny Grullon/ The bus driver (as Kenny Grullón);Raquel Ureña/Passenger1;Cenia Rodríguez/ Passenger 2;Héctor Sierra/ Boca; Richard Douglas/ Blanco, the leftist prisoner

"I enjoyed this movie too much. I even laughed out loud a few times. For any lover of Dominican Republic this is a must see. This is a very difficult film to find. Every once in a while it shows up on or maybe you can find it on Ebay " Janette

Movie and Reviews Made in or about Dominican Republic
To read more about the film go to Lola Films
CAST:Isabella Rossellini/Urania, Tomás Milián/Rafael Trujillo, Juan Diego Botto/Amadito Garcia Guerrero, Stephanie Leónidas/Young Urania, Paul Freeman/Agustín Cabral, David Zayas/Antonio de la Maza, Steven Bauer/Viñas, Eileen Atkins/Adelina, Pericles Mejía/Joaquín Balaguer, Murphy Guyer/Turk, Carlos Miranda/Antonio Imbert Barrera, Sonia Alfonso/Minerva Mirabal
The Feast of the Goat/ La Fiesta del Chivo    
Novel written by:Mario Vargas Llosa | Directed by:Luis Llosa | Produced by:Andrés Gómez | Opened: March 2006 | Distributed by: Lolafilms Distribución | Exteriors filmed on location in Santo Domingo | Studio filming done in Spain

This is the story of General Rafael Leónidas Trujillo who was known as The Goat. He subdued Dominican Republic using his cruel total dictatorship from 1930-1961. The story is told by Urania, a New York lawyer. She returns to Dominican Republic,after leaving the country 35 years before, to see her dying father Agustin Cabral, alias “Egghead”. He was President of the Senate and right hand man of Trujillo for many years until he fell into disgrace. This is the story of the people who sacrificed their lives to end one of the bloodiest tyrannies of recent Latin American history. Their epic story and that of Urania are entwined in a story of love, hate, death and violence.
This film, based on the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, is about personal drama combined with political conspiracy, a historic gesture, and a tragic ending that marked a new era in the history of Dominican Republic.

To read more about the life and times of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo check out our page about him
Dominican Republic has become quite competitive in the film making industry. With the creation of the Panamericana-Santo Domingo Film Commission, located in Santo Domingo, the county has become a great place to make movies.  The beautiful locations, state-of-the-art equipment, longer workdays, actors who are AFTRA/ SAG members, supportive government,  and great savings in production costs are among the many reasons for choosing Dominican Republic to make films.

Some of the films that have been made in Dominican Republic include:Apocalypse Now, The Godfather II , Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and sequels, Hannibal,  The Lost City , Miami Vice, The Good Shepherd, Love Wrecked, The Feast of the Goat, Zombie, Serpent and the Rainbow, Dreaming of Julia.
An example of some films made in Dominican Republic by or about Dominicans are: Andrea: La Venganza de un espiritu/Andrea: The Revenge of the Spirit, Un macho de Mujer, Pasaje de ida, Pasaporte Rojo, La Maldicion del Padre Cardona, La Cortina Del Palacio, La Carcel de la Victoria.

This comedy/drama is a great movie and a typical Dominican one. If you know Dominican Republic or the Dominican culture you would for sure enjoy this movie. The cast consists of some noted Dominican comedians and actors.

The story is about a Dominican man who lost his wife and child but finally, through not so legal means, got his passport to go to New York. Where he was told there is money just blowing around the streets. So he mortgages his little house and headed there with his friend to stay in his cousins home. His view of New York and disillusionment with the country inevitable come and he dreams of making his money and returning to his homeland. He meets a woman, has adventures, also almost has his dreams broken. But Balbuena keeps a positive attitude and makes his dreams come true in ways he never expected.

original movie cover Nueba Yol
Nueba Yol 1995 (Also Known As: Nueba Yol: Por fin llegó Balbuena (Dominican Republic) and Por fin llego Balbuena)      Directed by and Writing credits: Ángel Muñiz
Cast: Luisito Marti-Balbuena | Caridad Ravelo-Nancy | Raúl Carbonell-Fellito | Rafael Villalona-Pedro | Joel Garcia-Pancho | Alfonso Zayas-Chef

I enjoyed the movie and could watch it over and over. The typical Dominican language used in the film was wonderful. My favorite scenes: When Balbuena was packing his suitcase to go to NY. He was taking gifts to everyone. When Balbuena first saw snow. One of the scenes that made one think was when Balbuena and his cousins family were sitting around the dinner table discussing the reprimanding and punishing of children in USA as opposed to Dominican Republic. For anyone interested in Dominican culture this film is a must see. This is my rewiew and you may not agree (but really, shouldn't everyone like the same things I like?? LOL!) . Janette        

poster advertising Viajeros movie
This movie tells of the plight of a group of Dominicans making an illegal trip to Puerto Rico. It is a drama based on real life. This trip is one that  thousands of Dominicans embark when trying to enter USA to make a better life for themselves. They pay a high price with little security, enter a small boat called a yola with only their hopes and dreams. It premiered in Dominican Republic August 28, 2006 and opens in theaters in Puerto Rico and New York on September 8, 2006.

The Movie Synopsis (translated from the movie web site)
Dear Mum: I've decided to make a trip that maybe no one would have imagined... I'm going to Puerto Rico. Everything would have been so different if they would have signed me in the Major Leagues, but God knows best. I know it is a dangerous journey and that everyone will miss me, especially you. But, I must do this because life is not easy in this town. I can't go forward with a vision of a future without hope. I love you, Juan

Viajeros (The Travelers) Produced by Jose Ramon Diaz  Directed by Carlos Bidó  Distributed by Producciones Coral
Picture from the movie Viajeros of the cast in a yola   Click to enlarge
Poster for  movie/pelicula Viejeros
Cast - Nashla Bogaert/Romelia; Ramses Cairo/Captain of the yacht; Sergio Carlo/Johnny; José Guillermo Cortines/El abogado; Richard Douglas/Richard; Frank Perozo/Juan; Marien Zagarella/Jevito
Interesting information:  It is the first Dominican film shot in High Definition (HD).  Locations used in the film in Dominican Republic include La Romana, San Pedro, and Miches. It is said that the cast really did get sea sick in the last scene that was shot in the yola.

Viajero reviews (in Spanish)
Nueba Yol Vol 1 & 3
More movies and reviews continued on the Pastimes - Movies 2 page
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Perico Ripiao
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Love Child/ La hija natural is a 2011 Dominican Republic drama film written and directed by Leticia Tonos. The film has been selected as the Dominican Republic entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards. Filmed in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

It is about Maria, the daughter of a single mother, who is trying to find her father after her mom died in a car accident. Maria, an 18 year old, finally finds her drunk and recently widowed father who is an old man in a nearby town. He lives in what people say is an old haunted house in the middle of a neglected banana plantation.  Amidst the peculiarities and superstitions of the Dominican country side, father and daughter will have to face the ghosts of the past that haunt them both. It is a vibrant story about the universal search for oneself through love, forgiveness and the realization of the mystery of life. (the complete IMDB review of Love Child)
Cast - Julietta Rodriguez as Maria; Victor Checo as Joaquin; Andres Ramos as Justiniano; Gastner Legerme as Polo Montifa; Dionis Rufino as Melido; Kalent Zaiz as Juana; Frank Perozo as Rubi; Héctor Sierra as Papito

Love Child La hija natural movie poster
La hija natural movie poster +click to enlarge
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