In Santo Domingo there is a fairly new Chinatown. The area itself has been here a long while but it has been completely redone and revamped to make it a place that is a must see. Here the Taiwan and Chinese worked together to make this area where they lived into a great place to visit.  It was made larger and decorated to really have the look of a Chinatown. There was added a large arch over the street and the sighs are written in Chinese to give it the right feel. There is a pedestrian area also. This redesigning of the area was done mostly by the people living in the area. This is now the central point for the Chinese Community in the country. The opening of China town here brought people from all over the world to see one of the few towns of the likes in Latin America.

China Town Express
Carr Mella Km 6 1/2
Expreso Comida China Diamante Azul
Av N de Cáceres #252
809-363-1747 or  809-683-6453
Expreso David Comida Criolla y China
Av Duarte #225
Salón China
Las Carreras #36
Centro de la Colonia China
B González #88
China Visión
B Gonzalez #71
B Gonzalez #69
809- 686-8084
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Tourist Cities - Special Areas and Towns Worth a Visit
Barrio Chino de Santo Domingo/ Chinatown of Santo Domingo | Altos de Chavón | Video of Sting, Fellé Vega and Juan Luis Guerra at Altos de Chavon |
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china town santo domingo dominican republic gate
Barrio Chino de Santo Domingo/Chinatown of Santo Domingo
Not only are there great arches to enter the Chinatown area but there are statues of Confucius and the goddess Guahín. Chinese zodiac animals also adorn the area. The dragoons were all repainted in the portico. Chinese lanterns can be seen hanging in the doorways There are more than 40 immigrant run businesses n the area with more being added as time goes on. Here can even be found an Oriental temple. There is even a school to teach the language and culture to the children.

The Church of San Estanislao is in the center of the village altos de chavon
This is an entire village for tourists. Located on a hillside above the town of La Romana This village is a reconstructed 16th century European village, a living museum and artist colony. When you visit here you will not feel like you are in Dominican Republic at all. You will feel as if you are really in Spain and in a real village.

Translated to mean Heights of Chavón. This place could not have a more perfect name as it does makes you feel like you are closer to heaven. It sits high atop a bluff that has a breathtaking view of the Río Chavón. Walking the cobble stone streets that are lit with lanterns. Breathing in the smells of the Bougainvillea flowers flowing over the black iron balconies. Seeing artists living and working here is just one more wonderful addition to this whimsical place. There are museums and restaurants. A large amphitheater where many concerts are held. Many weddings are held in this magical place also.There are some very fine restaurants located here in Altos de Chavón. Even a disco where one can dance.

The Church of San Estanislao is in the center of the village. Picture/Image thanks to Cesar Fernandez
Altos de Chavón
The village was built by Charles Bluhdorn ( the then president of Gulf & Western Corporation who profited greatly from the cheap labor here) in the late 1970's. When he came here because his company was involved with sugar cane and other items that came from Dominican Soils, he fell in love with the country. He used all local builders who were all directed in their task by the Italian film set designer Roberto Copa. Bludorn had this village built as a birthday present for his daughter, and what an extravagant gift it was.
Dominican and international painters, sculptors, and artisans come here to teach and learn sculpture, pottery, silk-screen printing, weaving, dance, and music at the school located here (affiliated with the New York's Parsons School of Design). You can watch them in action and can also try your hand at some of the art forms in many locations throughout the village. The galleries and shops, scattered throughout the village amongst the winding cobblestone streets, are where you can also purchase these artistic items.

The Regional Museum of Archaeology, located here as well, has a large collection of Taíno artefacts.

The 5,000-seat outdoor amphitheater, inaugurated in 1982 (Frank Sinatra was the opening performance), features a show, Kandela,  where you can see 50 dancers perform Afro-Caribbean dance, music, and learn a little of the culture.  This amphitheater is also the local for many of the biggest concerts held here in Dominican Republic.

*NOTE: Many scenes from the movie Apocalypse Now (actor Marlon Brando) were filmed at Alots de Chavón

For more information on the school of art and more detailed information on the village itself check out their web site
This is a video of Sting playing with invited Dominican musicians Felle Vega (percussion) and Juan Luis Guerra (guitar), playing "Fragile" at his Broken Music tour concert in Altos De Chavon, Dominican Republic.
This video was sent to me on November 20, 2006  by Felle Vega Length of Video: 4:07 This is a great video.

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Visit Miches in the La bahía de Samana.
China town in Santo Domingo entrance
There are many excellent restaurants serving the wonderful food. There are supermarkets selling items that can only be found in an area link this. There are shops that make this new China town a real tourist attraction for the tourists and Dominicans alike.
Monument to Confucius and mural in Santo Domingo
Here is celebrated all the traditional Chinese holidays which is a must see if you are in the area at the time.

Chinatown in Santo Domingo is located in the area of Avenida. Duarte near Avenida. Mexico, Jacinto de la Concha, Av. Mella and Calle José Martí. It is not a far from the Sirena store on Calle  Duarte
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Gate at China Town
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Gate at China Town, different view
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Monument to Confucius and mural

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