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Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane rum casks
Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane old rum bottles
Museo del Ron y la Caña cane extractor and still
Museo del Ron y la Caña / Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane
Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane rum casks
Old rum bottles in the Rum Museum
Old sugar cane extractor
Alcantarilla Colonial/ Colonial Culverts tunnel
Alcantarilla Colonial/ Colonial Culverts tunnel
Alcantarilla Colonial/ Colonial Culverts
The maze of tunnels found under the streets of the Colonial city. These are the original culverts restored. Read the history of the history of the culverts.
Ceiba de Colon 1905
tree of columbus where legend says he tied his boat when he entered Santo Domingo
Ceiba de Colon in Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic
Ceiba de Colon
Ceiba (a large tropical tree) de Colon is said to be the tree to which Christopher Columbus tied his boat when he first arrived in the island. All  that is left is the stump. More on the history of the Ceiba de Colon. +click images to enlarge
Read about the history of the Rum Museum
Fuerte de Angulo entrance
Fuerte de Angulo entrance (more information on this gate)
Fuerte de la Carena
Fuerte de la Carena (more information)
fuerte carena
Fuerte de Santa Barbara wall
Iglesia de Santa Barbara and El Fuerte de Santa Bárbara
Fort of Santa Barbara wall
Fuerte de-Santa Barbara wall shooting platform
Fort of Santa Barbara stairs along wall
Iglesia de Santa Barbara, Colonial city, Dominican Republic
Church of Santa Barbara back view, Zona Colonial, Republica Dominicana
Church of Santa Barbara side view, Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic
puerta de las atarazanas
small gate atarazanas
the gate at calle colon and restoracion
Amall gate at the old shipyears of the Atarazanas  +click to enlarge
Puerta de las Atarazans +click to enlarge
The small gate at Calle Colon and Restoracion  +click to enlarge
(top) Iglesia de Santa Barbara / Church of Santa Barbara front view, side view (note the poles holding up the walls) and the view from the shooting platform of the Fort looking down at the church. (bottom) The Fort of Santa Barbara surrounding the Church.  +click images to enlarge
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puerta de san diego
Puerta de San Diego +click to enlarge
lower bateria of fort san diego
The lower batery of the Fort San Diego/ Bateria baja de Fortaleza San Diego. +click to enlarge
alcazar de colon - -columbus palace
The Alcazar de Colon/ Columbus Palace +click to enlarge

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