calle las damas-national panteon in the distance
Calle las Damas with a view of the Panteón Nacional in the distance
Panteón Nacional in Colonial Zone with the mural painted on the ceiling and chandelier.
Panteón Nacional guarded entrance
front entrance to the Panteón Nacional, Colonial Zone
Panteón Nacional, Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic National guard
Panteón Nacional interior door
Panteón Nacional entrance view to calle las damas
national mausoleum interior casket
Panteón Nacional / National Mausoleum (history of this National Mausoleum)
Honor Guard at the door of the Panteón Nacional
The malecon, the caribbean front road in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Chapel Our Lady of Remedies, Colonial City, Santo Domingo
Capilla de los Remedios/ Chapel of Remedies/ Chapel Our Lady of Remedies. Front and side views

The Malecon, Avenida George Washington. The Oblisco commemorating the Mirabal Sisters in in the distance (The Obelisk was painted over in 2009 with another design) About the Malecon
Capilla de los Remedios, Dominican Republic
casas reales, Colonial Zone with horse cart in front
Museum of the Royal Houses
Museo de las Casas Reales with the Reloj de Sol/ Sun Dial in front
Museo de las Casas Reales the seat of the government in colonial days of dominican republic
Museo de las Casas Reales/ Museum of the Royal Houses
sun dial in front of casa reales, colonial zone, dominican republic
Sun Dial/ Reloj de Sol on Calle Las Damas, Colonial Zone.
Las Casas Reales/ The Royal Houses. Mueso/ Museum. This is located on Calle Las Damas in the Colonial City  of Santo Domingo and the sundial sits in front of this house.It is a very interesting museum to visit.

Ruinas del Monasterio de San Francisco, Colonial Zone
Ruins of the Monastery of San Francisco, Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic
Ruinas del  Monasterio de San Francisco (San Francisco Monastery). These ruins are a must see when touring the Colonial Zone. For more information on the ruins of the Monastero de San  Francisco
La Capilla del Rosario/ The Chapel of the Rosary across the rio ozama
La Capilla del Rosario the original location of the first settlement in santo domingo
Check out our picture collection of the Ruinas del  Monasterio de San Francisco with many different pictures of this historical monument in Cuidad Colonial.  Use the iFrame below or click this link to open in it its own window where you do not need to scroll.
La Capilla del Rosario/ The Chapel of the Rosary as seen from Plaza de España, across the river Ozama.

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The vaulted ceiling painted and the hanging chandelier.

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