Here are pictures of the Monuments in the Colonial Zone / Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic / República Dominicana. Since this is the oldest city in the Americas there are some very old, historical and beautiful sights to see. The buildings. museums, forts and scenery are very memorable. Just walking in some of these places will make you feel like you have gone back in history.

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inside the park seeing the momument tomb of heros in colonial zone, dominican republic
colonal zone puerta el conde
The Puerta del Conde/ Door of the Conde is at the end of the Conde street. Within the gate is a beautiful park with the path leading to the Tomb of Heroes. Here lies the remains of some of our Dominican heroes "The Fathers of the Country"; Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Ramon Matias Mella remembered by these statues and the eternal flame.
colonial zone tomb of heros eternal flame
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parque colon columbus and anacaonda monument in zona colonial
parque colon in colonial zone, dominican republic
top view of cathedral de santa maria, colonial zone, dominican republic
The Cathedral de Santa Maria and Parque Colon. The aerial view shows just how large this building is. The Cathedral is beautiful inside
To see where the monuments are located go to our map of Colonial Zone
Information on all the History and Sights in Colonial Zone go to our Sights Index.
aerial view of the cathedral de santa maria, parque colon and the surrounding area in colonial zone, dominican republic
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priests alley- el bohio
The Priests Alley directly behind the Cathedral is a beautiful pathway with flowers flowing from above. A very serene walk.
atop fortaleza ozama looking over colonial zone
atop fortelaza ozama looking to colonial zone
santo domingo from malecon center
Birds Eye View.
The top 2 pictures are takes in Colonial Zone from atop Fortelaza Ozama. The bottom one is taken from Malecon Center along the Malecon in Santo Domingo.
the old port of santo domingo aerial view
light house at the entrance to rio ozama
The water on two sides of Colonial Zone are the Caribbean Sea and Rio/ River Ozama.
alcazar de colon in plaza espania, colonial zone, dominican republic
cupola alcazar de colon - cesar fernandez
The Cupula at Alcázar de Colón/ Columbus Palace. Colonial Zone
Thanks Cesar Fernandez for this picture
Alcazar de Colon. Located in the Plaza de Armas or Plaza España.
statues of the founding fathers of dominican republic, duarte, sanchez and mella
Colonial Zones cathedral de Santa Maria interior
The front of Cathedral Santa Maria, the oldest church in the Americas, Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic
Alcazar de Colón Columbus Palace suit of armor/armour inside the muesum
Plaza de Armas statue Nicolas Ovando
picture/image Alcazar de Colón Columbus Palace teraza
picture/image Alcazar de Colón Columbus Palace teraza view plaza espana
picture/image Alcazar de Colón Columbus Palace interior
Alcazar de Colón/ Columbus Palace interior, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
picture/image Alcazar de Colón/Columbus Palace exterior
Alcazar de Colón Columbus Palace in Zona Colonial
Alcazar de Colón/ Columbus Palace museum interior
Alcazar de Colón/Columbus Palace interior stairs
Inside Alcazar Colon - The Museum
Alcazar de Cólon in Colonial Zone, Plaza de Espanía also known as Plaza de Armas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The oldest city in the Americas
Many maps to chose from. Browse our Dominican Republic map collection
picture/image Plaza de Espanía
picture/image Plaza de Espanía
picture/image Plaza de Espanía
picture/image Plaza de Espanía
picture/image Plaza de Espanía
san souci port and terminal in Santo Domingo as seen from afar
The Sans Souci terminal as seen from above. The top picture is the old port and the bottom is the new port.
view from fortaleza ozama seeing the rio ozama and the caribbean sea, santo domingo
view of the caribbean sea from the fortress ozama and the armory in colonial zone
View from atop the Torre del Homenaje in Fortaleza Ozama (all the history of the Fortaleza Ozama)seeing the Rio Ozama and the Caribbean Sea, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo.
Statue of Nicloas Ovando in Plaza Espania
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