military parade on the Malecon
Humans of Dominican Republic
Here you will find an array of different pictures of the people living in Dominican Republic carrying on their normal lives. To see the entire Dominican People Photo Album and slide show .
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Inside a typical Colmado.This Colmado is located in Colonial Zone on the corner of Merino and Jose Gabriel Garcia.  The man working here is showing a bottle of Presidente Cerveza and a bottle of Brugal Rum
Relaxing in front of a gallery on the street Isabel la Catolica in Colonial Zone. On this street in the Zone are located many gift shops.
my colmado
picture/image gift shop indian
picture/image traditional dominican dance and costumes
Traditional Dominican dancers in traditional costume. Very bright and they are always smiling as they do their presentation. More on Dominican dance and music
A group of men hangin' out at the Colmado on a Sunday afternoon in Santo Domingo. This is a very typical scene and a good time.
"Pick up truck taxi service" Another form of public transportation. Also showing the Motoconcho Motorbike taxi service as well.
Celebrating the winning of a baseball game on the Malecon in Santo Domingo. After the game on the street celebration that is quite normal to see and fun to be involved in. Dominican baseball..
"Chicken Pluckers" This truck carries all that is needed to take the life of the chicken and prepare it for the buyer to take home and prepare dinner. The freshest chickens one can buy. One of the many Guagüita Anunciadora/Truck Vendors in this country.
hanging out at the colmado
truck with the chicken pluckers
baseball party aguillas win
picture/image mode of transportation-back of truck
picture/image eating some caña/sugar cane while relaxing at the Colmado on a Sunday afternoon
The same Colmado. Chewing on a stick of caña/sugar cane. It can be a little hard to bite into but the sweetness is well worth the jaw ache.
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picture/image riding the bus to La Vega
A group of people riding in a GuaGua going to Carnival in La Vega (Carnival pictures-new window). It was a great party the whole ride there.
"Happy Boy" This little boy was having a great time with his father at the Carnival parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo (pictures of the parade-new window).
This is a Military parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo on the Dia de Independencia/Independence Day celebration. Feb. 27. It is a very festive time for all.
"Unhappy Boy" This boy would not smile no matter how we tried. I think he was smiling inside, he just didn't want to show it.
"Dirty Boy" taking a bath. This little boy was enjoying his bath/swim in his bateya infront of his house while his mother was hanging laundry.
Man and his donkey returning home after working picking vegetables in Cano Hondo near Los Haities.
picture/image unhappy boy
picture/image happy boy at the carnival
military parade
finishing a days work
picture/image dirty boy in tub
picture/image people watching along road side
A group of people and their little dog too, all watching a tire being changed. This was in a mountain town along a little traveled dirt path, that is said to be a road.
picture/image cooking sancocho on a fire
Cooking a big pot of Sancocho on the fire. It takes alot of time and effort to cook this traditional dish.  (get the recipe)
Men fishing in Sabana de la Mar. To see pictures of some big fish (new window)
"Buy This Rooster" Traveling in the country these men tried to sell us a rooster, probably for cock fighting. It was a beauty.You can see a little lottery selling booth in the background.
gone fishing
picture/image sniffy and luis smiling
Sniffy, the blind dog, and her friend hanging out in the Colmado. Notice both of them are smiling!!
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picture/image buy this rooster.
picture/image selling chicherones along the street
Chicharones (fried pork skins) being sold along a street. The ladies in the back are boiling platano over the fire. The man is waving a plastic bag over the food to keep the flies away.
picture/image calle el conde glass house
picture/image playing dominoes at a colmado
A Dominican Pastime, playing Dominos at a local Colmado. Note the can of Clamato on the table for mixing with the beer
A group of people gathering to watch Joselyn Payano and Junior Holguín in the "Glass House". This was a television reality show of a man and woman living for 1 month together in a glass house located on Calle El Conde in the center of the Colonial Zone. There was always a crowd watching the people along with the TV cameras always on. *Afternote-The people in the Glass House, who had never met before this show, ended up getting married about a year after the show ended. Happy endings do happen.

ninos playing baseball in Colonial Zone
A group of ninos playing baseball on a Sunday afternoon in Zona Colonial. (more about baseball in Dominican Republic)

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See all these pictures and more in the Dominican People Picture Album - Slide Show
The yearly Semana Santa (Easter) procession around the streets of the Colonial City.
See all these pictures and more in the Dominican Humans Picture Album - Slide Show
See all these pictures and more in the Dominican People Picture Album - Slide Show

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