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         MONUMENTOS / MONUMENTS (search by page 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 11 )
Alcantarilla Colonial/ Colonial Culverts
Alcazar de Colón/ Columbus Palace
Altar de la Patria/ Altar of the Nation
Atarazanas (Las)/ The Atarazanas
Bateria del Almirante/ Battery of the Admiral
Casa de Bastidas/ House of Bastidas
Casa de Diego Caballero
Casa de Hernán Cortés
Casa de Juan Viloria
Casa del Cordón/ House of Cords
Casa de las Gárgolas/ House of the Gargoyles
Casa de las Academias or Casa de Luis
Casa de los Jesuitas/ House of the Jesuites
Casa de los Dávila/ House of Dávila
Casa de los Medallones/ House of Medaillions or Casa de la Moneda/ House of Currencies
Casa Reales (Las)/ The Royal Houses
Casa del Sacramento/ House of Sacrament and Casa de los Presidentes/ House of the Presidents
Casa del Tapao
Casa del Tostado/ House of Tostado
Ceiba de Colon
Colegio de Gorjón (Centro Cultural de España) / College or School of Gorjón (Cultural Center of Spain)
Fortress of Santo Domingo also known as Fortaleza Ozama | Picture with monuments numbered | La Puerta de Charles III/ The Gate of Charles III and Portal de la Fortaleza/ The Gate of the Fortress | The Statue of Oviedo | The Tower of Homage/ Torre del Homenaje | The Arsenal/ Armory Polvorín de Santa Bárbara | The Low and High Shooting Platforms | The remains of the First Fort | Old Army Barracks | The Fort of Santiago/ Fortaleza de Santiago | Casa de Bastidas | Muralla de Felix Benito | Fortaleza Ozama in 1910 (Picture Album Fortaleza Ozama)

Fuerte Invencible
Fuerte de Angulo
Fuerte de la Caridad/ Fort of Charity
Fuerte de la Carena
Fuerta de la Concepcion
Fuerte de San Francisco
Fuerte de San Anton
Fuerte de San Gil/ Fort of San Gil
Fuerte de San José/ Fort of St. Jose
Fuerte de San Lazaro
Fuerte de San Miguel
Fuerte de Santa Bárbara
Monument to Fray Anton de Montesinos
Palacio Consistorial
Palacio de Borgellá
Puerta el Conde/ Door of the Conde
Puerta de la Misericordia/ Gate of Mercy
Puerta de las Atarazans
Puerta de San Diego/ Gate of St. James
Reloj de Sol/ Sun Dial
Residencia de Ovando/ Governor Nicolás Ovando's Residence
Ruinas (ruins) El Hospital San Nicolás de Bari (Picture Album Church of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia and Hospital Nicolas de Bari Ruins)
Ruinas (ruins) del Monasterio de San Francisco (Picture Album Ruinas del  Monasterio de San Francisco)
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We are rich in history.  Walk the same streets as Christopher Columbus. You will find so many hidden treasures here in the Colonial Zone, the oldest city in all the Americas. Live the history.

Colonial Zone, Cuidad Colonial, Zona Colonial and once known as Cuidad Trujillo is the oldest inhabited city in Las Americas on the island of Hispaniola in the country of Dominican Republic / República Dominicana. It is a small town located in the capital, Santo Domingo de Guazmán. It was the original city of Santo Domingo before it grew into the large bustling city it is today. It is bordered by Río Ozama and the Caribbean Sea. There are many historical sites that were built during the time of exploration, exploitation, and colonization of the "New World." We have some of the oldest historical sites in Dominican Republic

Much of the original city is still able to be seen today. The cathedral, monastery, university and hospital are among many of the "firsts" that happened here. The 16th century buildings, homes and churches where one can see the old world Spanish architectural styles of the period. Many are still in excellent condition and are a wonder to behold.

Colonial Zone (and the surrounding sectors including San Miguel, San Lázaro, Atarazana, and Cuidad Nueva) is a wonderful mix of the past and present. The old and new intertwine to make a unique travelers experience. Live the history. Walk our streets. Visit our Museums and Historical sights. Dine in our restaurants. Meet our people. Dance to out music. You will make lasting memories. Something you may remember for a life time. Here in the land of firsts in "The Americas".

If you are lucky maybe you just might come across one of the mythical jars filled with gold or treasure hidden in the walls of the houses of this Colonial settlement. Could this old legend be true? Many people living in the old city still believe. 

The Colonial Zone was declared a World Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1994.

A little more about our history in a nut shell...

A blog of and Information about Colonial Zone and the surrounding area in English. Colonial Zone News.
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Plaza de la Cultura Juan Pablo Duarte/ The Cultural Center (The Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito / National Theater, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of History and Geography, Museum of the Dominican Man & Museum of Natural History)
El Jardín Botánico Nacional Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso/ The National Botanical Garden
Faro de Colón/ Columbus Lighthouse
Parque Zoologico Nacional/National Zoo
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