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Dining and Food | Food Words
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Dominican Food Words
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*Queque - Cake

*Queso - Cheese

*Queso Blanco - A white cheese that is salty and very bland in taste.

*Queso Crema - Cream cheese

*Rábanos - Radishes

*Rabo Encendido - Oxtails cooked in a spicy sauce.

*Remolachas - Beets

*Repollo - Cabbage

*Revuelitos - Scrambled eggs

*Salpicón - Meat loaf

*Queso de Hoja - Sort of like bocconcini or string cheese. A white strong round cheese made fresh. Reminds me of a blend between mozzarella and feta cheeses. It can be pealed off the ball in leaves.

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queso de hoja balls
*Sancocho - The signature dish of the country. A thick stew-type dish made with vegetables and different types of meat (beef,pork,chicken,goat..) A must try when visiting Dominican Republic. It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

(Get the sancocho recipe - opens in new window)

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*Sandía - Watermelon

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*Siro - Hotcake syrup

*Suspiro - Meringue, the fluffy topping.
*Queso Geo - A mild tasting creamy to firm type Dominican made cheese.

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queso de bola
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*Queso Frito or Queso de Freir - Dominican fried, white cheese.

*Quipes - A bulger roll usually with a little meat inside. You can find these torpedo-shaped fried food in Colmados and food vendors. they are popular in the mornings.