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Casa Hernán Cortés

Casa de Hernán Cortés – Casa de Francia

(home of the Embajada Francés / French Embassy)

Casa de Hernán Cortés is one of 15 buildings Nicolás de Ovando, the governor of Hispaniola, had ordered to be constructed.

Casa de Hernán Cortés now home of the French Embassy as seen on Calle el Conde

This Gothic style building was originally built in 1502 to rent to visitors. Ovando leased these houses to conquistadors who all organized and launched their conquests from their home base in Santo Domingo.

The name came about because it was the home of the explorer and conqueror of Mexico, Hernán Cortés. He was the homes most famous tenant. Cortés planned his expedition and ultimate conquest of Mexico in this house. Other famous conquistadors who lived in the house include Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru, Diego Velasquez and Alonso de Ojeda.

Above the door of the French Embassy / Embajada Francés

Casa de Francia

The house was restored in 1978 and given the name Casa de Francia. It became the home of the offices of the Embajada francés, French Embassy and Consulate in 1999. It houses space for cultural exhibitions including a ballroom, library, small theater, and a gift shop.


On the corner of Calle Las Damas and Calle El Conde.

Casa de los Medallones

Casa de los Medallones / House of Medallions

also known as Casa de la Moneda / House of Currencies and El Museo Numismático Dominicano / The Numismatic Museum Dominicano

This historical house is believed to date from the first half of the sixteenth century. Its building coincided with the completion of the Cathedral around 1540.

Casa de los Medallones
Casa de los Medallones

It is named House of Medallions because of the five medallions with the human faces inside. There is one face above each pillar and the other three are centered above the doorway. The center face, an adolescent face with a hairstyle of that period, is thought to be the face of King Carlos the Fifth. Some say the other faces are the Kings faces also depicting different his different ages.

Casa de los Medallones faces above door
Casa de los Medallones faces above door

The homes original inhabitants are unknown. It is thought to have been the home of some rich government employee.

The story goes that this building is where silver coins were minted. This is not true. There was another building in front of this house where coins were minted. That building was demolished long ago.

Casa de los Medallones was restored in 1972 and is home to El Museo Numismático Dominicano / The Numismatic Museum Dominicano.

The street where this historical home is located is now called Arz. Meriño. The original street name was Calle Los Piateros translated as Silversmith’s Street.


Arzobispo Meriño #358 between Calle Mercedes and Emiliano Tejera. The house is across from the City Council parking lot.

Casa Caballero

House of Diego Caballero

Diego Caballero (1511-1554), also spelled Cavallero, was the writer and Secretary of the Real Audience from 1511 to 1554. Caballero also owned one of the largest sugar mills of the time.

Casa Diego Caballero
Casa Diego Caballero

Casa Caballero was probably built in the mid-sixteenth century. Diego built many of the important houses of the era. Many of these historic buildings are still standing today. One of the most important buildings built by Caballero is the Casa del Santísimo Sacramento/ House of the Blessed Sacrament. It is located on the street as his home.

The sign on Casa Diego Caballero
The sign on Casa Diego Caballero

Location: Calle Pellerano Alfau (originally called Calle de los Nichos). Between Calle Las Damas and Isabel la Católica. The small street is not for thru traffic. The street leads to the front door of the Fortaleza Ozama.