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Q-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana



– Cake


– Cheese

Queso Blanco

– A white cheese that is salty and very bland in taste.

Queso Crema

– Cream cheese

Queso Geo

– A mild tasting creamy to firm type Dominican made cheese.

Queso Geo
Queso Geo

Queso de Hoja

– Sort of like bocconcini or string cheese. A white strong round cheese made fresh. Reminds me of a blend between mozzarella and feta cheeses. It can be peeled off the ball in leaves. (Quesero Street Vendor selling this cheese)

Queso de Hoja
Queso de Hoja

Queso Frito or Queso de Freir

– Dominican fried, white cheese.

Salami, Fried Cheese and Platano.
Salami, Fried Cheese and Platano.


– A bulger roll usually with a little meat inside. You can find these torpedo-shaped fried foods in Colmados and food vendors. they are popular in the mornings.

Kipe - quipe
Quipe – Kipe