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Casa Hernán Cortés

Casa de Hernán Cortés – Casa de Francia

(home of the Embajada Francés / French Embassy)

Casa de Hernán Cortés is one of 15 buildings Nicolás de Ovando, the governor of Hispaniola, had ordered to be constructed.

Casa de Hernán Cortés now home of the French Embassy as seen on Calle el Conde

This Gothic style building was originally built in 1502 to rent to visitors. Ovando leased these houses to conquistadors who all organized and launched their conquests from their home base in Santo Domingo.

The name came about because it was the home of the explorer and conqueror of Mexico, Hernán Cortés. He was the homes most famous tenant. Cortés planned his expedition and ultimate conquest of Mexico in this house. Other famous conquistadors who lived in the house include Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru, Diego Velasquez and Alonso de Ojeda.

Above the door of the French Embassy / Embajada Francés

Casa de Francia

The house was restored in 1978 and given the name Casa de Francia. It became the home of the offices of the Embajada francés, French Embassy and Consulate in 1999. It houses space for cultural exhibitions including a ballroom, library, small theater, and a gift shop.


On the corner of Calle Las Damas and Calle El Conde.