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A – Dominicanismos Dictionary


The Way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in the Dominican Republic.

A – a

A caco – to shave a head bald, especially when trying to hide their hair loss

A nivel – used to describe when something is pleasurable, almost like “really cool”

A po’ ta’ bien – “Ah, it’s OK”

Abombao – when someone had lots to eat.

Abombarse – rotten or spoiled food, fruit and water

Abur-Abur – equal to bye-bye

Ace - powdered soap, laundry soap
Ace – powdered soap, laundry soap

Ace – powdered soap, laundry soap

Acechar – to watch or control

Acetona – Nail polish remover

Aficiao – (pronounced ah-fee-Chow) to be enamored with, in love with or complexly asphyxiated with another person.

Agallú (or Agayú) – greedy, when one has more than enough and does not share. Selfish.

Aguajero – BS’er, full of it, speaks a lot and does nothing, brags and boasts all the time.

Agolpear – (Golpear) to strike, hit

Ahora – now

Ahorita – Soon, later, maybe never in “Dominican time”

Alta Gama – High end or high quality. Urban artist Rochy RD popularised the term. It can also mean getting rich by committing crimes. (2012)

Anchoas, anchoitas – pin curls (thanks Nicole)

Anjá – sort of like saying “What!” “Wow!”

Ajebrarse – to physically fight with another person

Ajumao – A drunk

Al trisito – when something is about to happen or almost happened. “We al tristo wrecked”

Alante – (similar to adelante) to move ahead, go forward, to call the next person in a line. You will hear it used when your turn is next while in a waiting line.

An Aldaba – Door Knocker on a house in the Colonial Zone
An Aldaba – Door Knocker on a house in the Colonial Zone

Aldaba – Door Knockers. It is a traditional word of Arabic origin.

Alelao – a man who is a little slow or stupid

Allantoso – Bragger, phony

AMET – (El AMET) the traffic police (police contact numbers)

Amorcita (o) – my little love (feminine or masculine) used as a term of endearment not necessarily love

Anda el Diablo (sometimes spoken as one word Andaeldiablo) – It is usually said as an exclamation with the emphases on the word anda. Used like the word Damn! when surprised or frustrated. Translated loosely as “The devil walks” or “Hanging out with the devil”.

Añuga – to choke

A su orden – At your command. “Your welcome” or “It’s nothing”

Apechurrao, Apiñao, Apeñucao – to be very tight, to be packed in like sardines

Aplatanado – another name for Dominicans. Many do not like being called this. Also used for non-Dominicans that have evolved to become more Dominican the longer they stay in DR.

Aplicar – apply for a job

Apota – intentionally, deliberately

Arma una piña – to look for a fight

Arrecho – for a man to be excited sexually, erect

Arretao´- a very bold person, stupidly brave

Asorao – surprised

Astoa – A word with many meanings, but saying “Estoy astoa” (I’m fine) is basically when a person is just fine.

averiguao – (from the spanish word averiguador) a person who is very nosey (thanks Nicole)

Avion – (literally means airplane) a woman that does sexual favors for free; an easy woman


A-Dominican Food Dictionary

The food of Dominican Republic / Comida de República Dominicana



– avocado a creamy fruit that are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients. During season they are found everywhere.
More about the aguacate.


Ahuyama or Auyama

– A type of yam pumpkin like squash (used in many soups to make the color). The seeds are also edible. Great cooked alone or added to a dish. You can see these in myna of the corner stores and truck vendors cut into pieces or sold whole.


– (pimiento, chile) This is the general word for peppers or chilies. They can come in all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Hot chillies
Hot chillies

Aji Verde

– Green pepper

Al Ajillo

– A sauce made with wine, butter and lots of garlic. You will see this on many menus throughout the country. Camarones Al Ajillo (Shrimp in Garlic Sauce), Mero Al Ajillo (A type of Fish in Garlic Sauce), Pollo al ajillo (Chicken in Garlic Sauce).


– Meatballs. These tasty little balls can be served as a main course, side dish or snack (picadera) in a sauce, typically a tomato type sauce. These small balls of meat are usually made of ground meat (carne picada or carne molida) but can also be made with fish. They are also added to the typical spaghetti and soups.


– Artichokes


– Carob. Its nickname here is mierda en cajeta – shit in a little box. This is a very strange fruit. It is said to be high in vitamins. When opened it does smell bad and the fruit is dry with a fuzzy texture. Get past the smell and the fruit is sweet.

A box of Algarrobos
A box of Algarrobos


– Almond.

Almendra nuts roasted and packaged ready for eating
Almendra nuts roasted and packaged ready for eating

Añuga Perros

– dog choker) – A coconut candy sold in small chunks in many of the Colmados.