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Pages Archived

There are many pages from the old non-responsive web site that I will not be adding to the new web site.

I just cannot completely delete them so I am posting the links to those pages here just in case they are needed.

Many of the ads and links could be broken and the menu will not work very well either. These pages are for reference only.

You need to copy and paste the link to enter the pages.

Bars – Restaurants – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/bars-restaurants.html

Hotels – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/hotels.html

Businesses – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/businesses-money.html

Books – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/books.html

Artists – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/artists.html

Music – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/music-Musica_Tipica.html

Links – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/links.html

Miss Dominican Republic – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/miss-dr.html

Casandra Awards – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/casandra-awards-2009.html

Old Event Posters Archives – https://www.colonialzone-dr.com/events.html