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Helados – Skim Ice

Helados – Skim Ice

Helados / Ice cream and Skim Ice / Freeze Pops or Flavored Ice are a welcome treat. You can hear their bell or the music they play as they pass by in the street. These cold treats that are sold in the streets of Dominican are perfect for the hot Caribbean days.

Helados/ Ice cream

A Bon Helados Street Vendor pushing his cart.
A Bon Helados Street Vendor pushing his cart.

Helados vendors push or ride a cart that is brightly colored, usually yellow, around the streets of Dominican Republic. You usually can hear their distinctive bell before you actually see their cart.

The Helado Street Vendors usually sell both Popsicles that are fruit and cream types. Many have fresh-scooped Ice Cream as well either served in a cone found in bags hanging on the side of the cart or in a cup with a little plastic spoon.

Inteliperra enjoying a Helado in the park.
Inteliperra enjoying a Helado in the park.

Skim Ice

The Skin Ice Street Vendors usually walk the streets wearing a blue suit with a blue freezer bag on his or her shoulder. Many of these Skim Ice vendors push a little cart. Some of these carts have a large black and white penguin that serves as the freezer.

There are many flavors of this refreshing Popsicle, ice pop, cool pop or freeze pop type of frozen flavored ice including Fresa, Chinola, Mango, Guanabana and Uva among others. Most of the flavors are very intense and are almost like eating the fruit itself except without the seeds and much more refreshing on the hot Dominican days. Give a skim-ice a try and help out one of these small entrepreneurs with their little business.

Whether you decide to have an ice cream cone or a little pouch filled with frozen ice these treats are perfect for a hot Dominican day.

Bolitas de Coco

Bolitas de Coco / Little Balls of Coconut

Bolitas de Coco, also known as Bombones, Memelos de Coco, Caramelitos Rellenos, Paleta de coco, or Churumbeles, are a sweet candy covered coconut treat that is a very popular product found being sold in the streets of Dominican Republic.

bolitas de coco - little balls of coconut a sweet caramel covered candy found on the streets of Dominican Republic
bolitas de coco – little balls of coconut a sweet caramel covered candy found on the streets of Dominican Republic

Dominicans have many different names for this much loved sweet, sweet really sweet candies. No mater the name they are a favorite of everyone. They can be found in almost all parts of the country. These caramel – hard candies have a white coconut fudge candy inside.

The Bolitas de Coco Street Vendor carries these sticky yummy coconut candies on a tray on his shoulder. He hits the tray with a butter knife to get attention. The knife is used to lift these scrumptious sticky morsels from the tray where they are resting. Each little red ball has a toothpick stuck in the center making it easier to hold until you pop it into your mouth. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are a must try sweet.


Pastelero / Pastele Vendor

The Pastelero Street Vendor sells Pasteles en Hoja yelling as he passes with his bucket “Pastele! Pastele en Hoja!”. Pasteles en Hajo are a wonderful food made with either platano or yuca stuffed with veggies or different meats and wrapped in a banana leaf or paper and boiled.

Pasteles en Hoja
Pasteles en Hoja

The Pastelero walks around carrying a metal bucket that holds hot water. Some Pasteleros are a bit more elaborate and have a cart they either ride on or push. The pasteles are staying hot in the water. They are wrapped in their little pouch of banana leaves. The vendor opens the pouch, places the pastele of your choice on a plate. He then offers a topping of mayonnaise, ketchup or hot sauce (these are in bottles hanging on the side of his pail).

These treats are very good as long as they are fresh and hot. Another must try food here in Dominican Republic.