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El Friturero

El Friturero street vendor is not seen in the streets of Colonial Zone everyday but when he does show up people always are ready to purchase his tasty wares.

El Friturero

This vendor carries a large bowl covered with paper and plastic with a small cutting type board lying across the top of the bowl. If he calls out his wares, which many times he does not, he will yell “Tripita. Tripita”!.

When El Friturero lifts the plastic

of the bowl a sort of unpleasant yet acquired aroma seeps out from within. Once you get past the smell and try what is inside you just may be pleasantly surprised.

El Friturero cutting panza.

Inside the bowl are some very special Dominican style-meats. Typically the bowl is filled with Morcilla, which is blood sausage, Tripe, which are pork intestines, and Panza which is pig stomach. The man cuts these morsels on his little cutting board and gives you a plate. Add some lemon or a vinegar type sauce on top if available. Sometimes he will offer some boiled platano to accompany the meats. Everyone needs to try the Fritureros treats at least one time.

El Maizero

Maizero / The Corn on the Cob (maíz) Vendor

El Maizero walks around pushing a large cart with a big cauldron of hot water. In this cauldron are ears of corn on the cob or la mazorca. He yells out “Maíz, maíz, maíz!” but it sounds like mye, mye, mye.

El Maizero on Calle el Conde

When you want to purchase one of these ears of corn the vendor removes the steaming hot treat from the vat of water. He then drops it into another smaller pot containing salt water and butter and swishes it around covering all the little kernels of corn. The dripping ear of corn is then deposited into a plastic bag and the hot ear is handed over to the customer.

This street food usually costs about $30 pesos (3/12). It is one of the few snacks that are sold on the street that is a bit healthy.