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VooDoo Curse

VooDoo Curse on the Cincinnati Red’s

It was said that pitcher Pedro Borbon (he was into voodoo, curses and cockfighting) of the Cincinnati Red’s (said to be one of the finest pitching arms to ever come from Dominican Republic) was so angry at being traded in 1979 that he put a voodoo curse on the Reds that lasted 10 years.

When the curse was finally lifted Borbon said, “Yeah, I lifted it. I told everybody when they traded me that I was putting a curse on them and they’d never win again. The people who did me wrong are not with the team any more, so now I don’t care if they win.”

Curse lifted?

The 1990 Reds finally won their first game. Was this because of the hex that Borbon lifted or just because they played well? We will never know for sure.