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Dominican Republic Then & Now
Have you ever looked at a place, building or street in the present and wondered what it might have looked like 10, 50 or 100 years ago? I do this also. I am trying to find these pictures to show what the same area looked like in the past. If you have any before and after or then and now pictures to share please send them my way with as much of a detailed description as possible. This is our history and our present.
colmado pilona, ciudad trujillo 1941
colmado los muchachos ciudad colonial 2014
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A Colmado, a local convenience store, on the corner of Arzobispo Nouel and Calle Sanchez, Ciudad Trujillo, República Dominicana
Top - Colmado Piloña (Imágenes de Nuestra Historia R.D) in 1941
bottom - Colmado Los Muchachos, Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo September 9, 2014
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