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Dominican Republic Travel and Flight Information

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Dominican Republic Travel, Fees, Flight Information, Weather and Help
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Transportation options in Dominican Republic
When you travel there are some things you should know. There are many different requirements that I do not know or that could change at any time. Please check your Embassy web site for more detailed information. This is just a basic outline. Please check our Helps and Puddles pages for more detailed information on surviving your visit in Dominican Republic.

One of the first things before you make plans is to check your passport or identification and make sure all is up to date. I know many people that made travel plans only to get to the airport, all ready to go, and they find their passport is expired. Of course, they needed to go home and cancel their trip or postpone until they get the proper documents. I met a lady that traveled to Dominican Republic only to find that the week after she got here her passport expired and they would not permit her to leave. She had to cancel her departure, go to the consulate and wait to get a new passport.

When you get to Dominican Republic they do require people from most countries to pay for a tourist card (you can also get one in advance but there is really no reason to do so). A tourist card costs US$10 or EUR10 (7-2012) and must be paid in cash. A tourist card is good for up to 30 days. If you want to stay longer you can visit Migration Department in Santo Domingo and pay for an extension or pay the extra exit fees which went up drastically on October 2014.

There is a $20 US Dollar Departure Tax that you need to pay when you are leaving the country. Some airlines and travel agencies take care of this fee for you. More information at

Dirección General de Migración (809-508-2555) overstay rates as of November 1, 2014. More information at

From 1 day to 3 months: RD$2,500
From 3 to 9 months: RD$4,000
From 9 to 12 months: RD$5,000
From 12 to 18 months: RD$6,500
From 18 to 24 months: RD$8,000
From 24 to 30 months: RD$9,500
From 30 to 36 months: RD$11,000
From 36 to 48 months: RD$16,000
From 48 to 60 months: RD$20,000
From 60 months to 6 years: RD$30,000
From 6 to 7 years: RD$40,000
From 7 to 8 years: RD$50,000
From 8 to 9 years: RD$60,000
From 9 to 10 years: RD$70,000

All non-resident travelers need to have a round trip ticket as proof of their departure.

One person cannot carry more than US$10,000 or its equivalent in another currency.

Bring a translation book (this is a good one Latin American Spanish - Lonely Planet Phrasebooks) or device to help you know a little Spanish. People in the resort areas do speak many different languages but if you leave the resort, which you should to experience the real island, you should know some basic Spanish. For some basic words and pronunciations check our Language pages.

Remember to bring any medications you are on in their labeled bottles. Also some headache-pain medication, and the basic medicines. You can buy things here but inside the resorts this stuff can be expensive. Go outside the resort and find a pharmacy.

Bring clothing according to what you plan on doing. Remember that shorts and beach wear is not normal attire outside of beach communities. Dress conservatively. Cotton and light weight clothing is most comfortable. For going out bring nice clothes as Dominicans do dress up.

US Dollars or Euros are the easiest to exchange to pesos. Our exchange rate tools.

Do not forget:
The bathing suits.
Sandals, comfortable shoes and for men, a pair of closed toe shoes if you expect to go out to some nice places.
Sandals for men and women but also a pair of closed shoes for men for dining.
If you plan on visiting the mountain areas or riding the bus I would bring a sweater or light jacket.
Sunglasses, Sunscreen light beach cover-up.
Bug spray.

Travel Insurance is a good idea, especially if you plan on doing some of the great outdoor activities this country has to offer. Also if you plan on traveling during hurricane season. This way if there is a hurricane you can postpone the trip with no penalties.

MedjetAssist arranges hospital of choice medical transfer if you are hospitalized virtually anywhere in the world.

Latin American Spanish (Lonely Planet Phrasebooks)
La Romana International Airport,
La Romana - LRM
Las Americas International Airport,
Santo Domingo - SDQ
Punta Cana International Airport,
Higuey - PUJ
Gregorio Luperon International Airport,
Puerto Plata - POP
Maria Montez International Airport,
Barahona - BRX
Cibao International Airport,
Santiago - STI
Weather in the larger International Airports in Dominican Republic.
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