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Artists - Painters of Dominican Republic

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Art and Artists - Painters
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We are very proud of our wonderfully brilliant and talented Dominican artists.
Walking around Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic one can see numerous diverse works of art and paintings to please all. There so many paintings and illustrations of just about anything you could dream.

Many of the brightly colored paintings are Haitian art or mass-produced and may be purchased very inexpensive. If you are looking for some fine art that is not painted in large quantities there are many art galleries around Ciudad Colonial. Many of these galleries are owned and operated by the artist them self. These artists' works are original and each is unique, not reproduced in mass to be sold to the general public.
An artist painting in the Plaza Regina Angelorum, Ciudad Colonial
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An artist painting in the Plaza Regina Angelorum, Ciudad Colonial
Olivia Peguero is a globally recognized contemporary landscape and botanical artist who was born and grew up in two very diverse areas of the DR, Las Salinas and Miches.

As a young girl, Mrs. Peguero attended the Mahatma Gandhi School in Cuidad Colonial,  Santo Domingo. She went on to attain multiple bachelor degrees in both Fine Art Studio Painting and Management Information Systems along with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, MBA.

Today, she spends most of her time painting in the tropical countryside and working with her charity, The Peguero Foundation (more information about the Peguero Foundation). She produces all of her studies and the majority of her finished pieces en plein air. Her works are created in oil using traditional European styles, many times depicting life as birth, existence and death within her flowers and landscapes.

For more information
Artist Olivia Peguero Painting en La Playa Limon de Guaco Miches
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Olivia Peguero Painting en La Playa Limon de Guaco, Miches
Luis Oviedo W. was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1949. Luis Oviedo Weber came from a great history of Dominican Artists. His father is "Nurys" (Luis) Oviedo and his uncle is Ramón Oviedo. Luis started working with his father when he was young working in advertising and commercial art. He got lots of experience while developing his own unique style, a self-taught artist, Luis paints many different styles of art and can also be commissioned to paint something special just for you.

He has a small art gallery where you can see his works and watch him at work up close and personal in his home in Ciudad Colonial. To see his work contact him. Contact: 809-607-0167

Dominican Artist Luis Oviedo W. with some of his unique paintings.
Artist Luis Oviedo W. Galeria.with works in progress
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Artist Luis Oviedo W. with some of his unique paintings.
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Artist Luis Oviedo W.  works of art in progress.
The art of Ramón Oviedo
Born in Barahona, Dominican Republic on February 7, 1924.
Ramón won first prize in an art contest held during the Revolution of 1965 with his painting "24th of April", considered to be one of the most important pieces of art of the Dominican Republic. He has since had exhibits throughout the world. In 1997 he received the unique title of the "Ilustrous Master of Dominican Republic Painting" / "Maestro Ilustre de la Pintura Dominicana" by the National Congress of Dominican Republic.

Antonio Ocaña created the Ramon Oviedo, Inc. Foundation with the objective of promoting nationally and internationally emerging Dominican artists. He has an extensive collection of art. If you want to contact him to see his collection and to learn more about what Ocana does in Dominican Republic visit
2005 Absolut (Vodka) chose Oviedo and Ceballos, who were then called Absolut Oviedo and Absolut Ceballos, two artists from the Caribbean for their worldwide art program Absolut Art.  This is quite an achievement for these two artists.
Absolut Oviedo statue Stairs to a bottle of Absolut vodka.
Absolut Ceballos Absolut Art cube holding sand clock
Absolut Ceballos Absolut Art cube holding sand clock
"Les envio algunas imagenes de las obras Absolut Ceballos y Absolut Oviedo recientemente develadas en la Plaza Espana de la Zona Colonial. La de Ceballos es un cubo que invita a visitarlo por una ventanilla para descubrir su interior donde observamos dos botellas de la vodka Absolut en forma de reloj de arena: "Absolut time".
La de Oviedo es una escalera que va cruzando esta forma de cubos de diferentes colores hasta llegar a la cima donde se encuentra la botella de Absolut."

(This is my translation of the Spanish version sent to me by Antonio Ocaña)
Here are pictures taken 12/13/05 in Plaza España in Zona Colonial.
Absolut Ceballos: This cube invites the visitor to discover, through a small window, the interior where they can observe two bottles of Absolut vodka in the form of a sand clock "Absolut Time".
Absolut Oviedo: Stairs can be seen that are crossing the form of cube of different colors until arriving at the top where there is a bottle of Absolute vodka.

Juan Medina is a Latin-American artist born in the Dominican Republic in 1948. He graduated with honors from the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo and from the Mural Studio of Professor Jaime Colson. Since 1974 he is professor in the same school in charge of nude painting and post-graduate studies. He was appointed Director in 2002. He has done many commissioned works including some that are found in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, the Museum of Casas Reales, Patronato de la Ciudad Colonial and the National Pantheon.

Mr. Medina has no conflict between traditional art and modern art, he feels attracted and comfortable with both. In his own words "There is no old art or new art, only good or bad art".

The studio is open by appointment only to art collectors who are interested in acquiring his work. Tell him we sent you.
Contact: 809-221-4605
Directions: Private Studio - Calle Mercedes #153, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo.

PUERTO oil on canvas (1992-1996)
FANTASIA MUSICAL mixed media (2000-2002)
Carlos A. Parra, aka. Kabubi was born in the Santiago, República Dominicana. Being an only child he spent much of his time drawing. Carlos said "Since I was a little kid I love to draw".  Later because of the efforts of his parents he studied fine arts. He went to a few different art schools landing at the Dominico Americano Art school where he studied art and English in the city of Santiago. As a student he was always absorbing the the art skills of everyone, using water colors, pastels, and acrylic, ultimately sticking with his favorite medium, acrylic painting on canvas.  Moving to New York in 2000 Carlos continues to improve on his artistic skills to become a fine artist.

Mr. Parra says " I believe in art as an expression of freedom where everyone's opinion and perspective of an art piece is very important. I find art in everything that surrounds me. For me putting an expression on a canvas is a very exciting thing." 

Please check his other works on his site Kabubi's Art
Carlos A. Parra, Kabubi, Acrylic painting
Acrylic painting "VACATION"

There are many art shows happening throughout Ciudad Colonial where artists display their works of art for viewing and sometimes for purchase. The art galleries and museums usually have special exhibits and shows on Thursday night. You can mingle with other art lovers and discuss the works. Many times you can meet the artist while viewing their works. If you see a gallery just walk in and check out the original Dominican art inside. Fall Sale: Save up to 40%!
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