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Hotels of Colonial Zone and Dominican Republic Index

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The Hotels of Colonial Zone / Los Hoteles de la Zona Colonial

Staying in this city of firsts is a wonderful experience. One can awake and know they are in the center of the oldest city in all The Americas. You can walk the streets here and always discover something new. Getting a hotel or renting a room in the Colonial Zone also known as Ciudad Colonial or Zona Colonial, will give you a very memorable vacation.

There are so many different hotels, hostels, boutique hotels, apartahotels, long-term apartments, and bed and breakfasts in and around the Colonial city in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. You might want to choose an apart-hotel for long term staying. Maybe you prefer a small and quaint boutique hotel with only a few rooms to offer or a large and elaborate 5 star hotel. Maybe try and rent a room in a persons home for a one of a kind vacation experience. Whatever type accommodation you choose you will have a great time discovering all that the Ciudad Colonial has to offer.

Dominican Republic has all types of rentals available from elaborate all-inclusive resorts, large chain hotels or a room in a persons home. There is so much variety available.

You will be sure to find something that will suit your taste, needs and desired location. Here we have listings of places where one can get both short and long term rentals. Check out our Colonial Zone map for the exact locations of the hotels throughout the Zona Colonial.

*Remember not all hotels have hot water (which is not always necessary) and there may not be good water pressure. 24 hour electric is a plus but does not always happen. There is usually a fan but air conditioning is not always available. Many hotel and living services that one may think is mandatory are not always present in this country.  Be sure to check before so that what you expect is what you will receive and you have no surprises, most of the time you get what you pay for so if you want to pay a low price expect that there will be limited services.

We try to keep the information updated and as current as possible.

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