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Santo Domingo Metro - Subway

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Metro de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana Lina 1 / The Santo Domingo Metro line 1

Trains run on the weekdays from 6AM. until 10:30PM (12-2012). On weekends and public holidays it will stop running at 10PM daily.

The newest addition to public mass transit system in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is the Metro. It is our very own subway system inaugurated January 2009. There are 16 stops along the 1st route of which six are elevated and ten are underground. It has 19 three-car trains traveling at maximum speed of 100 miles per hour along the 14.5 km/ 9.6-mile line.

Santo Domingo Metrocard
Santo Domingo Metrocard
This subway was the idea of President Leonel Fernández to help with the heavy traffic and road congestion. The building of the Metro was very controversial at first but when it was finished being built and ready for use the Dominican people flocked to the opening. Taking the ride from the lst stop in Villa Mella to the last in La Feria. There are five more lines in the planning with the second line under construction now planning to be open at the end of 2012.

They are very clean, quiet, fast and very organized. A ride costs $20 (4/2013) pesos for a 1-way trip. They sell a Metro Card/ Tarjeta Metrocard that you can add money to use for fast entry or you can pay per ride at the fast moving ticket windows. The card (shown above) is a nice thing to have as it shows all the stops on the backside.

Hours are from 6AM to 10:30PM

The stations of LINE 1 in backward order from La Feria are:
16) Centro de los Héroes Station at La Feria
15) Francisco Alberto Caamaño Station at Correa y Cidron at Abraham Lincoln Ave
14) Amín Abel Station at Correa y Cidron Ave. (Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD)
13) Joaquín Balaguer Station near Máximo Gómez Ave. [Ministry of Education]
12) Casandra Damirón Station at Máximo Gómez Ave.(Teatro Nacional)
11) Prof. Juan Bosch Station at 27 de Febrero at Máximo Gómez Ave
10) Juan Pablo Duarte Station at John F. Kennedy at Máximo Gómez Ave.
9) Peña Batlle Station at Máximo Gómez Ave.
8) Pedro Livio Cedeño Station at National Cemetery on Máximo Gómez Ave.
7) Los Taínos Station at Nicolas de Ovando on Máximo Gómez Ave.)
6) Máximo Gómez Station at Isabela (The operations control center)
5) Hermanas Mirabal Station at Parque Mirador Norte on Hermanas Mirabal Ave.
4) José Francisco Peña Gómez Station at Los Guaricanos on Hermanas Mirabal Ave.
3) Gregorio Luperón Station at Los Cerros on Hermanas Mirabal Ave. in Buena Vista II
2) Gregorio Urbano Gilbert Station at La Paz on Hermanas Mirabal Sol de Luz
1) Mamá Tingó Station at Hermanas Mirabal Ave. and Charles de Gaulle Ave. in Villa Mella

There has been a running joke that you can't take chicherones on the Metro. Chicherrones are the signature food from Villa Mella with a very distinctive smell. Really, the Metro does not permit food on board at all.

To read about my Metro Trip to Villa Mella read The Dominican Gringas Life Blog entry here.

The second Line of the Santo Domingo Metro is up and running. This Line 2A runs from East to West.

This newest subway line has 15 trains with 45 cars that will depart every 4 to 5 minutes. It will take 16 minutes 49 seconds to go from one end to the other.

Line 2 will run on the weekdays from 6AM. until 10:30PM (12-2012). On weekends and public holidays it will stop running at 10PM. Commuters can change from line 1 to line 2 at the Juan Pablo Duarte station on Máximo Gómez and John F. Kennedy avenues. The cost is $20 pesos (4/2013).

Stations of Line 2:
María Montez - Av. Gregorio Luperón and Los Alcarrizos
Pedro F. Bono - Av. Núñez de Cáceres
Francisco G. Billini - Av. Dr. Defillo (Teleantillas)
Ulises F. Espaillat - Av. Winston Churchill
Pedro Mir - Av. Abraham Lincoln
Freddy Beras Goico - Av. Lope de Vega
Juan Ulises García Av. Ortega y Gasset
Juan Pablo Duarte - Av. Máximo Gómez and John F. Kennedy avenues (lines 1 and 2 cross here)
Coronel Rafael Tomas Fernández - Av. Leopoldo Navarro and Avenida San Martín
Mauricio Baez - Escuela Rep. Dom. (V Centenario and Vilaespesa)
Ramón (Mon) Cáceres- Av. Duarte
Horacio Vásquez - Av. Josefa Brea
Manuel de Jesús Abreu Galvan - Av. José M. López and Julio de Peña Valdez
Eduardo Brito - Av. Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (Puente Francisco del Rosario Sánchez - the 17 Bridge)

Three Metro stations in Santo Domingo will be equipped with Wi-Fi internet access and fixed-express terminals "for the benefit of users of the transport system in the capital, as agreed by the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) and Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret). They plan on adding more Wi-Fi locations to the main terminals soon.

OPRET.GOB official transportation page. This site also has a short history of each of the stations and who they are named after.

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Santo Domingo Metro route map line 1 original line map
Santo Domingo Metro route map lines 1 and 2
+click to enlarge
(left) Santo Domingo Metro route map lines 1 and 2
(right) Santo Domingo Metro route map line 1 original line map
(below) The future lines of Metro de Santo Domingo
Google Map showing all the lines of the Santo Domingo Merto to date (1-2013) including the proposed lines not completed at this time.

View Larger Map
The future lines of Metro Santo Domingo
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