Dry Cleaners

Lavandería Colonial
Directions: Padre  Billini  #205
Santo Domingo

Stone Wash Dominicana
Contact: 809-682-0881
Directions: Jose Reyes  #57
Santo Domingo

D' Tomás Lavadora
Directions: Ave Duarte #293
Santo Domingo

Martinez Dry Clean
Contact: 809-957-3123
Directions: Sánchez  #41
Santo Domingo

Silver Clean Lavandería
Contact: 809-412-7736
Directions: S Sánchez #101-A
Santo Domingo

Lavandería El Dominicano
Contact: 809-687-3930
Directions: Arz Meriño  #457
Santo Domingo

José A. Suárez
Contact: 809-687-3400
Directions: Arz Portes #324
Santo Domingo


Confecciones Roque Félix
Contact: 809-689-5668
Directions: Arz Portes #168
Santo Domingo

Robert Peña Alta Costura
Contact: 809-688-5233
Directions: Conde #359
Santo Domingo

Cáceres F, Germán
Contact: 809-221-4248
Directions: Santomé #156
Santo Domingo

Confecciones Fausto
Contact: 809-333-6145
Directions: José Reyes #157
Santo Domingo

Confecciones y Arte Denice
Contact: 809-234-6397
Directions: Las Mercedes #6
Santo Domingo

If you decide you want to do your own laundry. Read this funny story "The Washing Experience" written by DR-Gringa if you need a good laugh.

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There are Dry Cleaners and places to get your laundry done on almost every street in the Colonial Zone. They will happily do your laundry or dry cleaning for a very decent price. Many of these places will repair clothes and do tailoring as well. Anything to do with clothes they take care of and if they don't do it they can direct you to a place that will do the service you are looking for.

There are very few Laundromats in this country. If you plan on staying for any length of time most hotels provide washing services or they can direct you to a local person that will do your laundry for you. Please make sure to ask the price before you leave your items. Some places are expensive. It is best to know and set the cost ahead of time so you can make a wise choice.

**Buffani's Hand Tailored**
Drop-off Laundry Service - Professional Dry Cleaning - Tailor / Zatres
Great service at very reasonable prices. I personally use them for all my clothing repairs.
Contact: President - Ramón Quezada B. 809-333-6879 and cellphone 809-787-4323  email: buffanis@hotmail.com
Hours: Monday through Saturday 8AM to 5PM or later..
Location:  Arzipispo Portes #101 on the corner of Calle Nouel, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, District Nacional

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