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Charities Of Dominican Republic

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La Casa Rosada/ The Pink House is an orphanage run by Nuns for children with AIDS. They have about 60 children ranging in age from a few months old to early teens. The Catholic Nuns work to feed, clothe, teach, and provide medical care to these precious gifts from God. They are always in need of donations, especially food and AIDS drugs. It is a pleasure to visit these children and their caretakers as they are so friendly and love to show you around the place.

Contact: (809) 388-2250  email:  They used to have a web site but I have not been able to find it. It comes on line and goes off line.
Directions: Av. Prol. Venezuela and Calle Isabel Aguiar "Loly" ,Los Tres Brazos, Santo Domingo East

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Some of the beautiful children at Casa Rosada

A video by Fundacion 4 Life about their visit to Casa Rosada
The Olivia Peguero Foundation

"The Foundation is a private charity (we will be changing our foundation status from a privately funded foundation to a public charity the middle of this year 2013) created with the sole purpose of enhancing literacy and math skills for young children in rural areas throughout the world. To accomplish our goals and allow children a better chance of success in our global economy, a multifaceted approach has been developed and is continually being enhanced at the foundation. First, we work with rural teachers and families to help develop curriculums that can be taught to children where materials and books are sometimes nonexistent. Next, when possible we supply schools with the base training material and the skills needed to apply that instruction. Finally and most importantly, we follow up with the school administration; teachers and student families to ensure the children are getting the education set forth in the program and are on track to accomplish their goals. This cyclical, progressive and project based approach to our work can and does give those children that desperately need help a chance for a better life through education and the arts."

Information about Olivia Pegueros art. When they send me the information of their updated status I will post it here. For more information visit

The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)

is a non-profit, non-political, humanitarian aid entity uniting grassroots groups, faith-based organizations, government agencies, and the international community in a strategic partnership to help create a safe, productive and self-sufficient environment, through health care, education and development programs, for children and their families severely affected by extreme poverty, disease, and hunger in the United States and the Caribbean. They have an office in Dominican Republic, BRA DOMINICANA, INC. "BRA Dominicana's mission is to help create a productive and self sufficient for the country's most vulnerable populations who live in bateyes slums and rural / frontier, providing primary health care, including preventive education and training. BRA Dominicana work serves all people regardless of race, color, religion, nationality or political affiliation."
More information at their web site: The Batey Relief Alliance

The Dream Project - Dominican Education and Mentoring Program

"We believe that quality, early and continuing education is the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty and change destinies. Our mission is to run inclusive, sustainable education programs for children and youth in the Dominican Republic that can be replicated throughout impoverished global communities. Our vision is that all children born in the Dominican Republic have the opportunity to receive an education and learn to their full potential. It is our hope that our efforts can be multiplied to allow the opportunity for every child's gifts and challenges to be met with support. It is our goal to break the cycle of poverty and change peoples' destinies. It is our dream that the world will be a better place for the children and families of the next generation."

Orphanage Outreach -

"The mission of Orphanage Outreach is to transform individuals, families, communities, and countries through the education and development of orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children. As we release the hero within these children, we release the hero within each person involved with Orphanage Outreach!"

There are many different kinds of charities, organizations, and groups that help out in the Dominican people. If you know of any that have a good reputation please let us know.

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Escuela de Artes y Humanidades / School of Arts and Humanities Luis Terror Días
A school teaching children the values, art, honesty and teachig them to think correctly. Each child learns that they are an element of change in their community. They learn to embrace art as a form of expression. They also are taught to think of the common good  with a correct mindest and standard of living. They are exposed to good music. They are taught to think for themselves and for the common good of their country learning the ideas of Duarte, The Constitution, teach them to love their country, and that they are able to change their communities by doing the right thing. They are taught that they are able to achieve what they dream.
Contact: 809-832-7442
Location: C/ Padre Billini #129, Bonao, Dominican Republic
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