Merengue de calle, Mambo, Merengue Urbano or just Merengue from the Street. Whatever you call it is the newest form of Dominican music to hit the airwaves and streets alike. Even if it does not sound anything like the mambo people are accustomed to. This style of music is fast gaining popularity. It is now a Dominican music staple. Even if you do not like it, since it can be heard almost everywhere in Dominican Republic, you will soon be singing along to the catchy lyrics even if you don't completely understand the words. 

Merengue de Calle has some really fast tempos which, if you are not an avid dancer, can wear you out after just half a song. Many of the rap-style lyrics are a bit harsh and sometimes just plain raunchy. The slang used in the lyrics is 100% Dominican barrio talk. This style has the beats and rhythms of Caribbean styles with some mambo, reggaeton, merengue and bachata all mixed in for a very original, fast paced sound. This is the new music of the younger (and many older) Dominicans.

This year, 2009, is the first year the Casandra Awards has recognized this style of music for their awards ceremony. It was even played at the last Presidential campaigns.

Omega Y Su Mambo Violento
Antonio Peter De La Rosa is Omega Aka "El Fuerte" is from Azua. He and his choreographed dancers and members of the band Popo, Droep, Jhoansel, Papi Juan helped to make the new sound of Merengue de Calle more popular than ever expected. This new genera is a mix of Caribbean music with some Mambo rhythms thrown.
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Julián Oro Duro, Omega, Silvio Mora y Jucaffry, El Negrito de Villa, Omega, Jukaffry, Tulite, Malafé, Amarfi,
Video of Omega Y Mambo Violento - Tu No Ta Pa Mi
Video of El Sujeto - Con Cotorra No
If you have a Merengue de Calle band and would like your information here please contact me. Contact information is in the About Us page.
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This is something new, Mambo Metal! I do not know if this is a real group or is this is just a joke but it is definitely worth watching. More information to come. As far as I can tell the band is called El Gallo Lester.
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Merengue de Calle

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