Alex Ferreira born in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. Now living in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 he was 23 years old and has been making music for about 6 years now.He is also very much into jujitsu and taekwondo... and a little capoeira also.The bands first disc made in Santo Domingo was Parto Mi Viaje. He says his music style is not easily defined and that he does like to incorporate social content into the lyrics. He had played in Casa Teatro.
One does not usually think of rock and alternative music being made in Dominican Republic. Let me tell you, there are other types of music other that Merenge and Bachata that come from this country. There are so many talented artists from Dominican Republic and I am proud to be able to give the world a sample of some of what's here.
Now with his premier more commercial album Zig Zag, he is of and running. Looking forward to haaring more from this up and coming artist. Alex Ferreira My Space site

The band is:
Alex Ferreira - Guitarra y Vos,
Enrique Briceño - Bajo
Cerobit an alternative rock band from Dominican Republic. Started by a vision Tomás Alvarez had. The band mixes rock, electronic, and world music in a style all their own. Now with a few new members to the band they have a new release, Entre Dos Mundos, as of Feb, 2006. The group started in 2002 with a disc. The following year was added singer Carolina Rivas. They're newest CD Lo que Piensas has gained them much attention. They have even been promoted by having a song of theirs put on a promotional CD made by Boom Magazine that is Distributed in USA. Also nominated for best pop rock group in the Casandra Awards 2006.
The band: Tomás Alvarez (bassist-producer), Marialba Bros (lead vocals), Luinis Quezada (batería), Ariel Sánchez (guitarist), Edgar Molina(percussionist)
Other bands:  Gonzáles  |  Voces en el Plasma  |  Los Manolos  | TKR  |  Auro y Clemt  |  Nux  |  Martes o Venus  |     |
Shelina was a teenager when she enrolled in the school of Bellas Artes y El Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in her native Dominican Republic. Here she studied dance and voice. Within a few years she was performing with many different groups and also became the star performer at the Jaragua Resort in Santo Domingo.
with her compositions on “Noche De Cabaret”, with Chiqui Haddad, producer and choreographer, she received praise  and notice. This was a big step in her career. The show won the "Premios Casandra" for show of the year. This brought the Bavaro Touring Company to get her to join them and she preformed Argentina,  Chile and even for the inauguration of the mayor of Miami USA. She has gained much notice
throughout Latin America. She also performed as the opening act for Kool and the Gang. Sony Music Latino released Pruebame featuring rappers: Black Joe and Chelin. This single is her contribution to a Sony Music Reaggeton compilation CD. With Shelina energy and wonderful vocal talents she will go far. Just listening to the few songs on her page I am truly impressed with her talent, as all should be. Go to her blog spot page or her web site to learn more and hear and see for yourself. 

This video by the band Los Candidatos is wonderful. The video IS Santo Domingo. Just watch this and you will see the city. The music is great along with the video. The band broke up but they left us with a great song and video
Los Candidatos song and video of "Yo Naci en Santo Dominigo"
Director: Horacio Madrid Ontiveros
Produced by: Film Plus
Run time 4:07 m
more about Film Plus go to our business-production page here...
Marel Alemany was born in Santo Domingo September 27 1977. He is one of Dominican Republics new crop of gifted young artist. He has performed along side Spanish songwriters Pedro Guerra and Ismael Serrano and has won the respect of the musical scene in Santo Domingo as well. After several years living and performing in Spain (where he studied cinematography) he decided to come back to his country to persue his musical career from his roots. A mix of Rock, Soul, Flamenco and Latin music is the product of the different influences he has received thought out the years and the variety of experiences he has lived all over the world. A singer since the age of 4, Marel writes and composes all of his songs. His lyrics are charged with both emotion and substance. Recently Marel released his debut album “De Papel”  and is in the process of promoting it al over the independent scene trough the world.

Listen to Marel Alemany song

in concert casa de teatro marel aleman
promo foto marel alemany
Lets help out one or our great young Dominican artists. Go to his concerts. Buy his new CD, "Soul, Substance and Rhythm!" . These are a list of the web sites of Marel Alemany for more information or to listen to more of the music from a great talent.
Mustache is a Dominican rock band formed in Santo Domingo in 2006. After the disintegration of their rock band "Hagia Sofia" in 2004, Carlos Aybar (Drums) and Bob Fernandez (Bass) remained playing and composing music while looking for members for a new project. In the next few years they went through several potential members but none fit the new musical direction the band was taking.
In the early summer of 2006 Jonathan Schmidt (Vocals, Guitar), who was living in New York arrived with the dedication the band needed and took the role of lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The foursome was complete when Ruben Aybar (Guitar) arrived from Spain and filled the lead guitar gap the band was missing.
Setting themselves apart from most of their Dominican contemporaries, Mustache has developed a distinctive rock sound led by their densely layered and guitar-heavy sound, their tight rhythm section and mellow bright melodies.
With songs such as "One Last Goodbye", "Deep in the Ocean" and "So Bright", Mustache are poised to leave their mark as one of the leading voices in the Dominican Rock scene.
For more information on this up and coming Dominican rock band go to their
web site. Keep your eyes and ears open for more from Mustache. With their great sound and drive they should go far.
Listen to the song

  Web Site    Blog
Taxi Amarillo is Chris, Bombie, Ricky and Steve. They are a quirky and unconventional foursome. Their music is a spicy cocktail with a signature sound all its own while extolling candy-coated rock's eternal truths = summertime, cars and girls. Their mission is to have and hold you each and every time they perform. Giving you captivating, red-hot vocals; punishing drumbeats; relentless guitar riffs; pulsating bass lines, and lyrics ranging from soulful to sensual to the politically conscious and all the love and hate, joy and pain they can muster in between. This uniquely talented power-pop-rock band delivers razor-sharp assaults on your senses, collectively calling for a revolution of the heart and mind, while sticking to message and passionately moving us. 

Give their song a listen and I'm sure you will be impressed by this talented group of Dominican young men.
picture taxi amarillo
Give their song a listen and I'm sure you will be impressed by this talented group of Dominican young men.
Si, Te Amo

Check out Taxi Amarillo on iTunes
Get the music of Shelina at iTunes here
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