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Sergio Vargas (full name: Sergio Pascual Vargas Parra) known as “Negrito de Villa”
Entertainer and Politician (could he now be called a Merentician ?)

Born March, 15, 1963 and entertaining the public for more that 20 years with his infectious style of music. Sergio cut sugar cane in his poor bario until in 1980. He entered a contest on television called Festival del la Voz, came in second place, and his career sky rocketed. Vargas joined Los Hijos del Rey, an orchestra whose frontmen were Fernandi Villalona and Raulin Rosendo within 2 years after his win. Then he joined a band that was known throughout the Americas, Dionis Fernandez y El Quipo. Joining this band
Sergio Vargas and Band in Miami 2006 (thanks USLatino) click to enlarge
moved him to the next level of his career making him more widely known. In 1986 he joined the band Los Hijos del Rey as the lead singer. They released a few albums, all having international success.
Vargas received the Casandra Award (more information on the Casandra in 2006) Spectical of the Year and Best Video in 1988 After this Vargas’ band moved to an International record company. He received some more Casandra awards. Gained a large following in USA, playing in large venues such as New York's Carnival of Mernegue and Miami's Calle Ocho Festival. His debut album ended up being a gold record.

He has always been a sort of politician. He staged a protest and did not cut his hair because of the governments neglect of the city where he was born. He has always tried to bring attention to his home town and its problems. He has helped in constructing a school and also help improve medical services there.  He was elected into the Diputados de la República / Chamber of Deputies of the Congress for the 2006-2010 term . He represents Villa Altagracia in San Cristóbal. There are 120 of these deputies in the country. Through his music and now his political position he has brought much recognition to the country.

  • Today Vargas is one of the best-known Merengue singers in all Latin America.
  • Vargas is known as a merengue singer but he is very diversified and plays many styles of music.
  • He once wore a Che T Shirt and was blamed for being communist because of this. How ridiculous!
  • He has been described by his large following as being an exceptional personality  and very likable.
  • His catch phrase “¡Villa!” “¡Villa!”


Video of Hermanos Rosario performing "Aló". It was nominated for a Casandra Award in 2009 for Merengue of the Year
Peña Suazo Y La Banda Gorda - Una Cosa Que Amarra. This is the song that won the Casandra Awards 2009 for best Merengue of the Year (Merengue Del Año). The recording is loud so please be aware.

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